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Trinity River Dist. Corps of Engineers needs gate attendants...

Kirk W

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The park ranger at Lake Lavone, TX, just to the northeast of Dallas has asked me to share the information that they are in need of contract gate attendants. The positions are just minutes outside of Wylie, TX which is a very nice little community with most shopping and perhaps 20 - 30 miles from all major shopping & amenities that the Dallas area has to offer. These are nice parks and East Fork Park even has covered RV sites for the gate attendants.


We are having some trouble getting Gate Attendants, would you be willing to put something on your website about the openings.


Thanks for your help.


Curry Murphy - Natural Resource Specialist/Park Ranger Curry.D.Murphy@usace.army.mil US Army Corps of Engineers - Lake Lavon

3375 Skyview Dr.

Wylie, TX 75098

(972)442-3141 x231 OFFICE


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I have tried to registure as volunter for COE but never heard back.

I'm not sure what you mean by trying to register? We were volunteers for Curry and really enjoyed our time there, but we have not been gate attendants. That is a paid position and if you are at all interested, call Curry and talk with him if there is some problem getting signed up. Unless things have changed, the secretary is Wendy and she is also very good to work with. I'm not sure that Curry still does volunteer coordinator duty but if you call him I know that he can and will refer you to the right person. We were volunteers there for about five years, using it as our base for doctor visits and such. We stayed there while I dealt with a melanoma and while Pam went through ankle surgery. It is a nice park very near to the Dallas area. It is just outside of the town of Wylie and we love that little community. Let me know if you think that I might be able to help.

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I don't know about Lavon COE sites but I volunteered at one in TN that had multiple campgrounds. Most were the paid positions but they had 2 just at boat ramps that were strictly volunteer like the one I was in. I know of at least one or 2 others that are that way. Could that now be the case at Lavon? If you can talk to someone there certainly they can explain it.

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I contacted them and got this reply:


Thank you for your interest, I am not the gate attendant coordinator but I will do my best to answer your questions, just in case I have CC the Lavon gate attendant coordinator, and the regional person over gate attendants which is James Murphy. Also attached is the solicitation which will go in more details of all the openings, I will just tell you about Lavon.



It has to be a two of two people, they must live on site during their duty days, you have to furnish your own camper. You work 4 days on and then 4 days off, hours in the gate house are from 0600 - 2200, one person from the team must be in the gate house during those hours. On duty days outside the hours above you are not in the gate house but must remain on site and be available in case of emergencies. Summer Contracts runs from 1 April to 30 September.


For Avalon park it's a the same as above but work days are 4 days on (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and 3 days off.


You will need to be able to interact with the public in a positive manner, inform them of the rules and such. You will need to be able to use a computer (we can teach you what you need to know you just need some basic knowledge)


The Lavon Information starts on page 63 on the pdf, but the actually page is 66 of 183 in the document.



If you have any questions feel free to email any of us, or call. Myself and the other Lavon rangers can be reached at 972-442-3141. James Murphy can be reached at 469-645-9100.


Also to place a bid you have to fill out the document labeled "SF 30 GA Open Park Positions" in addition to the other required steps.

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That is interesting to me as it was Curry Murphy (no relationship to James) who sent me the note about the open gate attendant positions. When we volunteered at Lavon Lake it was Curry who was the volunteer coordinator, but I have been told that it is not him today. I also know James Murphy as he used to be in another position working with the volunteers some years ago. Curry's response makes me wonder if he was looking for unpaid volunteers???


The Avalon that he mentions is a day use area while the other positions mentioned are for parks with campgrounds. Avalon is about 15 minutes drive from the Dallas suburbs.

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