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Oh, that *is* interesting. Dish is also in the satellite Internet business. We all know how crappy satellite Internet is (what with latency up the ying-yang and all) but a combination of cell technology along with satellite streaming could be a big deal at some point in the future.


Thanks for the post.



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The only missing bit for satellite users is the mobility part, with spot beamed satellite signals moving from your originally installed area knocks you out of communication until you have your system re-provisioned in your new location. It isn't that big a deal except that so far no satellite internet provider has automated the process or even been interested in doing it manually. Spot beams offer the satellite provider so many advantages that most everyone is trying to move to it.


If they get the mobility part working then the sat link would offer a lot for RVers, just the cell data part might be a good deal if Dish puts up enough towers.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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