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Buying a motorhome from a rental - Cruise America or similiar


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Hi Everyone,


My husband and I are totally new to Rving. I just retired a few months ago and my husband will be retiring by the end of the year. We want to travel and were debating between a motorhome or a trailer and tow vehicle. I saw that Cruise America has motorhomes for sale at very reasonable prices. Our budget isn't too high, maybe $30,000. Any advise or suggestions would be great.




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Welcome to Escapees. It's nice to meet you.


Generally these type of RVs are somewhat basic, but usually well maintained. I would definitely rent one for a while to see if this size will work for you. Generally these RVs are on the small size. There are also rental agencies that rent larger coaches as well. They might be worth checking on as well.


Good luck in your search. We love the lifestyle.

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This past summer while camping at Zion NP I met a young couple in a nearby campsite. They were camping in a rental RV. The man told me it only cost him $1/day to "rent" it. He explained how rental companies will sometimes offer these deals when they need to relocate their RVs from one end of the country to another. It's a one-way rental so they were traveling across country and then planned to fly back home. What a great way to try out this mode of traveling and living without spending much money. I'd never heard of this before. When I Googled it I found this informative post on someone's blog:


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First let me welcome you to the Escapee forums! We will do all that we can to help and support you as you join the RV community.


On rental RVs, I would agree with those who have already suggested that you rent one before you buy it just to be sure that you understand what it is that you are getting and what you want. It is actually a good idea to do that before you buy, even if you are buying a new RV since you have no previous experience, just to be sure that you will enjoy this style of travel. We love it but not everyone does.


Several years ago I knew some folks who were buying from Cruise America that wanted to check out the RV first and they made some sort of arrangement with them to rent one just like what they were buying and to have part of that rental fee apply to the purchase of the used RV when they did buy it. That was some time back so I'm not sure if they can still do that, but it might be worth asking them about. If memory serves, our friends got about 30% of the rental fee applied to the purchase price.


I can tell you that they were quite happy with their purchase and partly because it came with a warranty from Cruise America which the company supplied as long as repairs were done by CA. I think that the warranty was 1 year.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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