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I use Chrome as my backup, really don't like IE. I have used FF since the 90's(maybe earlier), had a different name but basically th same. Rarely have problems with it and understand it reasonably well. I normally don't do add-ons but wanted to stop all these flash ads and saw this add-on. Sounded good, my misake. I have informed FF about add-on problem.

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We were long time Firefox users, actually started using the original Mozilla that ran on Sun Workstations back before Windows did Internet. We are big extension users, both for privacy and for keeping our data usage under control so how well the extensions work and how hard they are to use makes a big difference. Mom at 90 was getting frustrated by the options we were using in Firefox, too complicated and too many clicks. Moving her to Chrome with a similar set of extensions has greatly simplified things for her as the Chrome extensions either work invisibly or need a simple click to allow scripts to run.

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Try Aviator,


I'm testing it out for a second time now and it's very fast and very secure. I've switched to Duck Duck Go (DDG) as my search engine on my main desktop so I'm trying both on my tablet as of today. it took some getting used to the sparse look of DDG. But that sparse look is the lack of ads. Now with Aviator I also find less clutter.


Aviator just went BSD and full open source with WhiteHat Security still managing releases and QC'ing them. It is based on Chromium which Chrome also uses for its base, so it's fast and less cluttered.


Pretty simple controls. Popeye has been using it for a long time now, maybe he'll pipe in.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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