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Pork Tenderloin Sandwich


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Thanks BooneDocks, now I need to make a run to Okeechobee to visit Pogeys. It's the only place in South Florida where I found a passable Fried Tenderloin Sandwich. Tried to stop a couple weeks ago after my trip to Tampa and the RV show but it closed earlier than I expected on a Saturday night.


Out of all the winners in Iowa I have visited one, Goldie's. wasn't overly impressed. Could have been a bad day for them. Mine was over cooked. In the 1970's there were a few burger places around SE Iowa called the "Lil Duffer" they had the best and largest Tenderloin in the area, at least in Oskaloosa. A few years ago when the Cedar UMYF still operated a food stand at the Southern Iowa Fair I would cook hundreds of them a night for the fair goers. It was tough keeping up with the demand for fries and tenderloins with just a two basket fryer. Not to mention the end of the day grease disposal.



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Of the Top 10 Places, I have been to one of them -- Ray's Drive In in Kokomo, Indiana. Their tenderloins are as large as noted and shown in the article.


My personal favorite is Mr Weenie in Peru, Indiana. They pound out the meat super thin which makes for a very good crunch.


Note the tenderloin basket price on the sign board.



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