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Trailer tire issue


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Thanks for the replies. My tires are always aired up correctly and I usually try to stop in the first ten miles just to check everything. That's how I caught a tire that was really hot and the tread had a big bubble in it. I'm pretty sure I'm not over loaded or even close to it but I'd like to make sure and soon. I didn't see anything around my area that can weigh individual tire weights. Hopefully someone knows of one?

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If the tires are ST I believe they are rated for 65 MPH, When we had a 5vr I found out the hard way of trying to run faster as they would heat up and blow. I was not over weight and the tires were Carlisle (sp) and made in China. I changed to Bridgestone LT and no more problems.

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There will be someone in Southern California in March.

The majority of organizations that do wheel position weighing are traveling Rvers, so you will need to check the website schedules.

Above (post #2) Mark Bruss gave a list where you can check the schedules to see when one will be nearer your area.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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