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Replacement of Slide mechanism


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The large slide mechanism on our Travel Supreme is worn out and needs replacement. I would like to know if anyone has replaced the entire mechanism. I just received this diagnosis and need to learn what I can to assist in decision making.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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What I am referring to is the slide rams holes are worn to the point they almost do not exist, very oblong. The carriers with a shaft passing through have become oblong, and the wheels under the inside edge of the inside of the slide. The mechanism is worn out at all of the moving parts and gears.


I would like to know if anyone has had to replace their slide mechanism.]


The slide is electric and 15 feet long. Very heavy

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One could possibly remove the roller tube flip it over and drill new holes. Then cut the mounting parts off the end and reverse there position and reassemble. And then redo the shaft mechanism. I have seen the holes at the edge of that style be as you say. It mite be possible to drill out the a few holes on the end of the tube and weld in some thick washers to repair the holes. I have seen washers at farm/industrial supply places that maybe up 1/4" thick. Or fabricate a foot or so long replacement section and install it where the holes are worn out.

I have built several roller assemblies and installed them on different types of RVs.

Just some different thoughts.



Safe travels, Vern

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As Wrknrvr, say, disconnect the tubes (cut the welds) and flip the rectangular tubes over and drill new holes. Or just get new steel rectangular tube.


The gear carriers are available from the original manufacturer. Had to replace one a couple of years. The fresh water tank need to come out for access to the gear carriers.

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