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Windows 10 Revealed! One page with all the highlights!


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If anyone didn't see it in their inbox or on the news yesterday, Microsoft did a big event to show off Windows 10, what is new, what is changed, what stays. Almost all of it can be accessed through one webpage from CNET. I pass it along because everything isn't interesting to everybody. Like Cortana, that most are not aware of because they are part of the 96% of cell phone users who do not have Windows 8.1 Phones. But I am since I have one. So here is an all in one place to get all your Windows 10 questions answered. (And generate some new ones)


Go here and scroll down to see all the topics:




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OOPS! When you said "Almost all of it can be accessed through one webpage". I read it as everything would be on "one" page, like a short list of features.


My bad! "Webpage" means a page with lots and lots of links to stuff with new names, like "Hololens", "Surface Hub" and "Cortana".


Whatever all that stuff is, and why is it important to most of us and how does that make what we now use on Win 7 or 8.1 easier.

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