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Need a little input. I've been living full time in a 20 ft toy hauler (no toys, like the space) for almost 5 years now. I'm starting to trade my 2 weeks here 2 weeks there, month here, three there lifestyle for some real time. So I return to my home town, Charleston, SC, and camp in an ok campground, pay for a month ($700) at a place that advertises "free wi fi." It's my second day, and I've discovered that "free wi-fi" is only good for email and facebook, google searches and so forth, things I can do on my personal Verizon wi-fi without over burdening my monthly plan.


But I love old movies, old TV shows, and you tubes of songwriters (I'm a child of the 60s). I learned on my second day that the campground blocks Youtube, Netflix, and Hulu. Seems to much of a drain on their bandwidth. $700 a month and I can't get British mysteries?


I tried it on my personal Verizon wifi, but quickly ate up my allotment. Thus I'm asking about satellite.


I have no TV and am not really interested in one. Can you guys help me with info on portable satellite? Sure, brands are good, but really some other questions:


I don't do any pure wilderness camping. State parks, corps of engineers, and private campgrounds.


My rig is a 20 foot toy hauler, so I would need something that's not roof-mounted like you bigger guys have on motor homes. Something that sits on the ground.


Here are my specific questions:


1) Is there satellite specifically designed for internet rather than internet and TV?

2) Would I be happier with speed from a satellite for internet, get more capacity, be able to watch Netflix and Hulu nightly rather than upgrading my wi fi with Verizon?

3) Would a satellite ultimately be more cost effective than upping my Verizon plan so that I can watch those things nightly on my personal plan? I suspect such a plan would require a lot of money.


Thanks for any advice. I do love my campfires to watch at night, but I would also like to have Netflix and Hulu in such a way that a retired teacher can afford.

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There are satellite services for internet. As far as I know the several different purveyors all use a Hughes satellite. The last I knew it was pretty slow and there were data limits that would really slow you down if exceeded.


The 4G cell data plans (Verizon, AT&T) are probably fast enough for NetFlix and Hulu but the data limits will get used up pretty fast and large data amount plans are pretty expensive.


We did without streaming movies until we stopped full timing and hooked up to a fast no limit service (Charter).

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Satellite internet is available but it is difficult to set up for mobile use as most of the companies are using spot beamed signals that won't allow you to move out of the beam without disconnecting your system. The ones that do offer wider area service charge more and/or require specific hardware to get the connection. There are speed issues, delay issues (long way to Clarke orbit and back) and data usage limits that make satellite a last resort method these days. Then there are the setup issues, big heavy dish that needs a huge weighted tripod and extremely picky pointing or an expensive automatic roof mount.


I haven't kept up with it since the cell option came along but usually your $80 and up for satellite is better spent on a bigger cell data plan.

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Like Stanley, we used to use a satellite dish for internet but no longer do so because of the equipment that must be carried as well as the cost. There are better ways for most of us today. Here are a few links to people who sell the equipment and service.


RV Mobile Internet RV Satellite Systems HighSpeed Satellite Internet


Since I have not had my dish in almost 5 years now, I don't have any idea of what it costs today.

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