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Unpatched Zero-Day Exploit in Current Flash - at least for Windows OS


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There is a new, verified, zero-day exploit for the latest versions of Flash that have been tested on various Windows operating systems and browsers.


It's a drive-by download that is not presented to the user and will probably be used the most in targeted attacks.


Here's more info. http://malware.dontneedcoffee.com/2015/01/unpatched-vulnerability-0day-in-flash.html


Search "Flash zero day exploit angler" for more information.



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Fixed today:



If any Windows 8/8.1 are not patched today would be a very good day to do it. This patch to close the vulnerability in Flash was issued just today.


Thanks for the heads up WDR. I am going to boot and fix all systems here to be sure my SH doesn't turn hers on, tablet or desktop and get blindsided.


Window 8 and 8.1 and 10 preview run Windows update from the start screen by just typing Windows update and clicking on it when it comes up. Or control panel and/or the Charms "Settings" then click on "Change PC settings" and scroll down to update and recovery to run Windows update.


For Windows 7 and Vista users a new version that is patched is also ready direct from Adobe. Go here, https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html click on check now, and follow directions. If you do not want Chrome or for Google to set anything be sure to uncheck those boxes if they come up. Then just click on run, and then yes if asked if you want to let this programs change you have any problems click on that link again and follow the directions.

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It is embedded in Windows 8 and above for IE too. However some folks have very little bandwidth so do not have Windows updates to download and install automagically. They manually update even Windows 8. Thus my support of WDR's thread here.

Whatever the Browser, this is another Adobe vulnerability used to get to Windows machines. Whether embedded like in some browsers in addition to Windows 8 and up, or in 7, or you have Windows 8 set to automajically update, it behooves everyone to check and updates/flash player version as needed.

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That is the latest version of the released non-bet Flash. I would guess that is a beta and I got off their Beta train a loooong time ago. Had problems updating with similar issues, except mine showed I had a newer version than Adobe was offering.


I just checked my patched 8.1 system and it is the same version that you have. Perhaps you have yours set up to automagically update itself?

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I stopped using beta's a long time ago too.

It was just listed on the majorgeeks site , so I went looking for it. installed on all my boxes,,,,,,,,,ahhhhhhh HTML5 faster, faster.

So we can say bye bye to adobe flash like we did to oracle java.

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Share on other sites was on the adobe site today ,,,,all patched here.

Majorgeeks had the info 2 days before adobe put it up !

They also mentioned that adobe told them "cease and desist, putting flash patch downloads on their site.....link to adobe site only"

I'm tempted to just uninstall it and live without till html 5 is adopted by all websites!

Arrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh, tis the pirate in me bones!

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This morning at 10 AM when I last checked there was no Flash update for Windows 8.1. I just checked again at 11.30 PM and Window 8.1 and there it was. I just got it and installed it and restarted.


Now that was weird as there was one when this started that was pushed through Window Update, and now this one, for a record two out of cycle updates in the same month for the same program.


At least they're on it.

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