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Air Conditioner Woes


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The magnetic clutch on my recently replaced A/C compressor stopped working (rep. 7/22/14 in Superior, WI). The DID in the Volvo instrument cluster displayed an error message to "Check Climate Control Module at Next Stop."


I did some checking and found that the A/C clutch winding was internally shorted.


I called my regular Volvo dealer back in VA and he told me the clutch was not sold as a separate item, but my compressor was still under warranty so it would be no charge to fix it at any Volvo dealer shop. It really seemed a waste to replace an entire compressor/system for a one bolt clutch but I guess they know best?


There were no Volvo dealers in Fort Myers meaning I would have to go to Tampa or across to the east coast of FL to Pompano Beach to get warranty service.


I decided on Pompano Beach rather than Tampa but I should have been suspicious about local culture when the answering service there started out with, "Presione uno para Español o dos para algún otro idioma." (Press 1 for Spanish or 2 for some other language.") Anyway, speaking some broken Spanish, I managed to get an appointment with the the shop's service writer.


The run down to Naples and across the Everglades was miserably hot with the 85-degree, high humidity and no air. We kept the vents open but still arrived glued to the seats by perspiration.


The Volvo shop there was mostly outside under open covered work areas. I could only see one service bay that was inside. The perimeter of the area is surrounded by high chain link fencing with coiled razor wire on top. I was surprised not to see a moat with Alligators or guard towers and machine guns.


A very nice young man with a deep tanned look that apparently preferred to speak Spanish worked on our truck. Between my broken Spanish and his broken English we managed to convey to each other what he was doing to the truck. He completely evacuated the A/C system, replaced the compressor, dryer, vacuumed the system down and recharged with R134. He even replaced the belt (probably because it was also replaced with the original repair?). Good to Volvo's word that there would be no cost to me for anything was true - it was all covered under their 1 yr. warranty from the original repair. Folks at the shop ranging from the parts counter to office manager were very friendly and accommodating.


Florida has been very nice so far this winter. We are in a beautiful park on the Orange River with Manatees, Pelicans and Alligators our constant companions. Everyone here is either bald or has silver hair. Most of the long-term live-in residents drive big Buick's and the ladies sit low in the driver's seat peaking out between the spokes of the steering wheel. Sometimes it is hard to tell if there is a driver in the car or if perhaps it is one of those new Google things.


Fishing has been good with Snook and a few Redfish hitting our lines. Folks are constantly staring at the Volvo telling me that it is the tallest thing they have seen since leaving New York.


We did have a cool spell last week when it got down to 50F at night and barely made 70 the next day. Good thing we brought our fur lined snuggies with us or we might have frozen to death.


I just thought anyone living up north this winter might want to know that.


Oh….. Our A/C is working great now.


Randy, Nancy and Oscar

"The Great White" - 2004 Volvo VNL670, D12, 10-speed, converted to single axle pulling a Keystone Cambridge 5th wheel, 40', 4 slides and about 19,000# with empty tanks.

ARS - WB4BZX, Electrical Engineer, Master Electrician, D.Ed., Professor Emeritus - Happily Retired!


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I believe the correct term here is "gloating", and it's not pretty....

Paul & Paula + Daisy the amazing wiggle worm dog...

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I believe the correct term here is "gloating", and it's not pretty....

Well......"goating" in airconditioned comfort is a LOT prettier than not gloating in a sweaty Volvo. ;)

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I believe the correct term here is "gloating", and it's not pretty....

I'll get him for ya Paul---


Just turn on the APU A/C and close off the outside vents on the cab air and recirculate the inside!! You can also leave it running so the cab is nice and cool after lunch.


That get'em Paul??

Bill and Cecil

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