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Dumped a response


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testing auto-save...
OK, once it appears - if you click on the Autosave link at the bottom of the forum post you get this pop-up note:
As you type, the text editor content is automatically saved so that if you had to reload this page you can restore what you've written so far.



If you reload the page the Autosave link changes to:


View Auto Saved Content (Today, 12:10 AM)


Autosave doesn't work well for me, drops some formatting and may be several minutes behind.


I usually will just copy a post to my clipboard if I'm distracted before I complete it and have it available there regardless of what the forum does while I'm not looking. I have my clipboard set to hold my last 100 copies, there may be a way to do something similar in Windows.


On days the forum is acting up I do a select-all and copy before I hit the post button too.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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