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Checklist please

Phil and Micky

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Hello all,

Retirement is quickly approaching… my wife and I will be flying to Texas from Washington State to purchase a diesel pusher in a couple of months.


It’s been years and years since we owned a TT. We plan to drive the DP back to Washington via southern California. We will be traveling light during our trip to Texas and taking our time coming back to fungus corner… a laptop and a couple of suitcases is all we plan to take with us.


That being said, my wife asked me what we are going to need to buy to stock up the DP for the trip back. I’m hoping that one of y’all has a checklist or some ideas to share with us.


… the adventure begins…

Phil And Micky

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Food, drink, diesel, propane (if none on board at purchase), TP, bath soap, pit juice, towels. Unless you plan on eating in restaurants every meal - paper plates and plastic forks/spoon/knives (assuming you will go with real dishes when you get home). Some pots and pans and other cooking supplies. Water in the tank if you are not going to have hookups somewhere along your trip. Sheets, blankets and pillows for the bed.


That would probably get us by for such a trip and there will be stores along the way if you find you need something else.



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You need to have a sewer hose and proper fittings for it, a white fresh water hose and I also use a filter on it, and if the RV don't have leveling jacks you will need some blocks to level with. If this RV has a 50A power cord, I would also carry a 50A/30A adapter.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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This is a long list of just about everything in your house. It's taken from a topic on another forum

Not everything is needed, but most everything is covered.

AFTER you buy the TT You need STUFF.

But not all this stuff, just the stuff you need.
bed conforter(s)
Face Cloths
Beach Towels
Table Cloth
Tea Towels
Cleaning Cloths
Hot Pad

Pain Killers
Sun lotion
Sprain Lineament

First aid kit:
First aid kits are designed to treat minor abrasions and wounds. It is highly recommended that you carry one . In the event of a serious accident, leave medical treatment to professionals. A minimum recommendation for a first aid kit consists of the following items:
1. One pair of disposable protective gloves;
2. A pair of scissors or a knife;
3. Three 2-1/4" square adhesive wound dressings;
4. One 3' x 3' x 4' triangular bandage (you may substitute an old bed sheet);
5. One 22" x 30" sterile dressing;
6. Two 3" x 4" sterile compress dressings (you may substitute two sanitary napkins);
7. One 2-1/2" by 3' combination elastic/adhesive bandage;
8. One roll of fir staid quality adhesive tape;
9. Five small self adhesive bandages; and
10. A tube of topical antibiotic ointment.

Initial Kitchen and Bathroom Inventory Checklist

Aspirin [his & hers]
A medium hand made / lettered cardboard sign , hang on string necklace, around your neck, for after an unsuccessful backing or parking
[ yes DEAR , I *know* there is a difference between Whoa & Go]
Baking soda
Bath towels & racks
Toilet potpourri spray [2 ea.]
Can opener

Coffee Pots & filters
Containers to store leftover foods & stuff
[ 10 ea., 18 oz plastic peanut butter jars with screw lids :-)) ]
Cooking pot set & lids
Cooking pot steamer basket insert [doubles as colander]
Food chopper processor small electric
Hand lotion & soap
Holding tanks chemicals
Insect repellent spray & pest strips
Lip balm
Measuring cups
Misc. kitchen tools & gadgets
Mixer small, hand-held electric mixer
Paper towels
Peroxide or antiseptic
Personal items
Pie & baking tins [measure RV oven]
Plastic wrap and foil
Pot holders
Salt and Pepper
Serving bowls
Sugar or substitute
Sunscreen & sun block
Table settings (plates, cups, silverware)
Throwaway baking / roasting bags
Toilet paper [RV type]
Tissues & wet wipes
Toiletry kit
Trash can & trash liners
Trash bags

TOOLS etc.
Gas Lantern
Gas Bottles - spare
Gas Bottle - STOVE
Multiple Outlet Cord
Elec. Cord - Small
Stove Wind Screen
Water Hose & nozzle
Water Jug(s)
Fly Frame & Tarp
Fly Ropes & Pegs
Bungees - Small
Hand Mechanical Tools
Hatchet & Saw
Rope - Spare

These are the items we keep stocked in our travel trailer kitchen's drawers and cabinets. The list is a suggestion, not the gospel. Feel free to copy and edit it for your personal use.

* cutlery set x
* large bread knife x
* paper plate holders x
* dishes x
* bowls x
* mugs x
* ladle x
* tongs x
* serving spoons x
* wooden stirring spoon x
* spatula x
* pizza cutter x
* stove-top toaster x
* can opener x
* bottle opener x
* corkscrew x
* tablecloth holders x
* sponges x
* scrub pads x
* stove-top coffee pot x
* electric coffee pot x
* small sauce pan x
* large sauce pan x
* medium sauce pot x
* frying pan x
* large pot x
* steamer insert x
* pot lids x
* dishpan plastic x
* cutting board x
* measuring cup x
* measuring spoons x
* coffee measurer X
* 1 doz. plastic egg carrier x

* tablecloth x
* dish cloth X
* dish towels X
* pot holders X
* oven mitt X


* paper towels
* paper plates
* coffee filters
* aluminum foil
* zip lock bags
* plastic wrap
* trash bags
* napkins
* matches
* dish detergent

Chairs - folds
Cooler (s)
Fishing Gear
Road Map (s)
Registration & Insurance data

Misc. Nice to Haves and Cockpit extras

Alarm clock small trvel
Hatchet / Army foxhole shovel
Bible & prayer books
Bungee cords [different lengths ]
Extra extension cords , 3 prong
Eyeglass repair kit
Paper clips
Pens and pencils & marling pens
Playing cards & Games [Yahtzee & UNO]
Pocket knife
Rubber bands
Tape, electrical & duct

Basic RV Equipment Check list

B-B-Q, supplies & tools
Battery jumper cables
Battery distilled water [1 pint]
Campground directories
Emergency road kit with approved triangle reflectors & flares
Extension cords [3 prong]
Extra bulbs , fuses , spare fuses
Fire extinguisher
First-aid kit
Flashlights and batteries
Folding chairs
Fly & bug sprays
Garden hose W/ nozzle [sewer pipe wash out, green]
Garden hose [ palatable water, white]
Good set of mechanical tools
Hydraulic and/or scissors jack suitable for weight of your vehicle's heaviest tire
Leveling blocks , boards & chocks
Matches & lighter
Road Atlas
Rubber gloves
Sewer hose with hookup fittings [tool for fitting clamps]
Shovel [Army surplus foxhole shovel]
Spare fuses
Tire pressure gauge
Water hose & filter (designed for drinking water only
Wheel chocks & leveling blocks
Camping List & OPTIONS
Categories of Camping Needs
___ compass
___ lantern/ heater
___ flashlight(s)
___ flashlights (magnilites (2)
___ flashlight batteries (spares)
___ rain fly/windbreak tarp system & stuff sack
___ nylon cord & cord locks (spares)
___ pillow (travel)
___ poncho liner & stuff sack
___ sleeping bag & stuff sack or quilt
___ chair/sling & stuff sack
___ Dirty clothing stuff sack
___ 3M waterproofing spray and seam lock
___ Solar shower
___ Porta-potty or empty quart milk jug W/cap for night urinal

___ knife (Buck) & sharpener
___ bags (plastic large garbage)
___ bags (plastic small trash, 1 for every 4-5 days)
___ can opener & corkscrew
___ cooler
___ food
___ cup/beer stein
___ dish towel
___ coffee/insulated mug , creamer, sweetener
___ energy bars/raisins
----- Dinty Moore stew & can of potatoes
___ beans canned
___ fork,knife,plate, spoon(s)
___ jackknife
___ matches waterproof (large wooden stick, kitchen
in empty plastic peanut butter bottle)
___ paper towels
___ pepper/salt
___ pot gripper & pots/skillet
___ soap/scrubber pads
___ stove gas (propane)
___ stove wind screen
___ water bottle(s) (2)
___ water carrier (1 gallon)

CLOTHING M/C Riding Gear
___ boot sock liners
___ boots (canvas mukluks or rubber type)
___ chaps
___ gloves (cold weather)
___ gloves (hot weather)
___ gloves (rubber/rain)
___ gloves (wool liners and dish washing rain gloves)
___ hat (wool)
___ helmet
___ jacket
___ jacket (polypro ski)
___ jacket (wind breaker)
___ jacket liner & stuff sack
___ neck warmer/long scarf
___ pants (leather)
___ pants for riding (Levis/jeans)
___ rain gear (boots, vest, etc.)
___ rain totes rain suit & stuff sack
___ shirts (long sleeve, turtle-neck T-shirts)
___ ski goggles for riding without a helmet
___ ski warm-ups
___ socks (cotton)
___ socks (neoprene)
___ socks (wool)
___ sunglasses
___ sunglasses (spare)
___ underwear (insulated, long johns) Camp Clothes
___ camp shoes/slippers
___ changes of clothes (3-5, rolled up)
___ down vest
___ jeans
___ jeans jacket
___ laundry soap
___ layers of clothing
___ moosehead hat
___ pants
___ shorts
___ socks
___ sweat shirt
___ sweater
___ swimming suit
___ T-shirts
___ underwear
___ warm clothes for evenings/nights
___ washing shorts
___ wind breaker

___ backpack/fanny pack (small)
___ book (paperback)
___ camera & lots of film
___ campground guides
___ cellular phone & some way to charge it
___ chopstick
___ cigarettes (a whole carton...just in case!)
___ contact lens stuff
___ DOD lighter & fluid
___ drivers license
___ fishing gear
___ lotion
___ hand soap
___ insect repellent/bug spray
___ insurance cards (medical)
___ maps
___ medicines
___ membership cards (HOG, AMA, VRC, RPAA, Parks, campgrounds, etc.)
___ mosquito coils
___ negotiable ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
___ cash ($25-$30/day/person)___ checkbook
___ credit cards (gas)
___ credit cards (MC/Visa/AmEx/Discover/etc.)
___ credit cards (phone)
___ travelers checks
___ pen/pencil
___ radios/tape players with mini speakers
___ radios/tape players batteries (extras)
___ reading glasses (if you're over 40)
___ sewing kit
___ shampoo
___ snake bite kit
___ sun screen/block
___ suntan lotion
___ tapes/CDs
___ toilet paper in sealed plastic bag
___ toiletries
___ toothbrush
___ toothpaste
___ towel
___ wash cloth
___ watch
___ weather radio

___ sven saw
___ electrical system schematic
___ electrical tape
----- small spray can WD-40
___ emergency warning light (trouble light)
___ fuses (extra)
___ hammer
___ jumper cables
___ Leatherman Tool
___ Knife, multipurpose (Swiss Army)
___ multi meter
___ pliers (channel locks, aka water pump pliers)
___ pliers (needle nose)
___ pliers (standard)
___ screwdrivers (assorted)
___ socket set
___ suspension adjustment tool
------ tape, duct (flatten the spool)
___ tape, Teflon
___ tire inflator
___ tire patch/plug kit
___ tire pressure gauge
___ tire pump (small hand/foot)
___ vise grips
___ wire & alligator clip
___ wrenches (combination)
___ wrenches (crescent 4" and 10"; good ones)
___ wrenches (metric allen)
___ wrench (spark plug)
___ spare parts as desired (i.e., clutch, throttle, and/or brake cables for example)
-Rubber gloves
for handling germy sewer line hoses on occasion.



Tool box
Flashlights (2
Duct tape)
Wheel lug wrench
Vehicle/trailer jack
Tire pressure gauge
Pliers; std. & water pump
Pliers vice grip
Pliers needle nose
Dikes wire cutting/skinning
Tin snips
Small measuring tape
Hacksaw & spare blades
Set of combination & box end wrenches
Crescent wrench
Allen wrench /hex key sets
Crescent wrench, large , for hitch bolts
Pocket knife
Hammers standard & ball peen
Screwdrivers ; std. and phillips
Small electric drill & bits
Volt ohm meter
Small soldering iron
Trailer light bulb replacement P/N list
Wiring diagram for hitch electrical connector
Electrical tape 1 rl.
Super duct tape 1 rl.
Vehicle radiator/heater hose(s)
One spare bulb for each trailer light type
One spare fuse for each trailer type
Small coil electrical insulated wire
Alligator clips
DC test lite
Hose clamps selection 1/2 in. --- 3 in.
WD-40 spray can
Grease for hitch
Small plastic peanut butter jars of nuts, bolts, nails, screws & washers in various sizes
Plastic zip ties
Cell phone
Checklist for Leaving Home/Breaking Camp

Stow folding chairs & other outside items
Dump & Reset black & grey tanks
Drain/fill hoses stowed, caps on
Pressure regulator stowed
Furnace & A/C off
Water heater off
Secure all loose items
Stow shower & bathroom supplies
Empty & stow trash cans
Turn off refrigerator
Stow TV and TV shelf
TV antenna down
Secure all windows & ceiling vents
Water pump off
Cabinets closed & locked
Retract slide out & install braces
All lights & fans off
Water bottle for truck
Awning secured
Electric disconnected & cords stowed
Propane turned off
CATV/Phone disconnected
Wheels torqued to 110 lbs
Hitch locked & secure
Jacks up & locked
Chocks removed & stowed
Lights & brakes checked
Pull rig off levelers and stowed

[ to go home, next camp ground or another spot ]

Drain black and then gray water tanks
[ add deodorant and cleaners]

Flush out clean the sewer hose line

Drain fresh water tank , A/R

Disconnect & stow; Water, Electric , Phone,TV,Sewer

Recover the on- ground sewer pipe opening

Stow sewer hose support

Streamline direction and lower TV antenna

Raise stabilizer jacks & pick up pad blocks

Disconnect , remove & stow awning patio lights

Retract & stow awning for travel

Stow complete inside cabinets & other , ready for travel

Pick up pad carpet and door pad

Put away any outside equipment
i.e. ; BBQ chairs, other

Set refrigerator for gas operate & test

Set Heat & air condition to OFF

Set water pump to OFF

Set gas stove to OFF

Set water heater to OFF

Close roof vents & windows

Retract door step

Make sure all outside doors & hatches are closed & locked

Hook up hitch chains & breakaways

Remove chocks

Retract tongue jack

Retrieve any & all leveling blocks & stow

Test a lights & turn signals

Trailer TDD [things to do] upon return home

Drain any tanks
Remove laundry items
Remove perishable foods
Remove personal items & clothing
Remove tools
Shut off gas bottles
Place deodorizer in refrigerator
Turn off anything electrical
Check trailer battery condition & add distilled water A/R
Lock trailer & hitch
Crystalline Liquid Bacteria [ is a bacterial/enzyme treatment ]

TST [down the drain with a little water to lubricate the dump valve seals].

Liquid Plumber build up remover

at has many beginner Rv'ers.

Alie & Jim + 8 paws

2017 DRV Memphis 

BART- 1998 Volvo 610

Lil'ole 6cyl Cummins

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What kind of things do you use daily when at home. You will need similar things. Do not let a long list overwhelm you. Just get the things you use regularly, then the things Paul and Kirk mentioned.


Once home you can start going through a checklist that you develop. If you are PT, you will not have to stock quite as much stuff as if you were going FT. Remember, FT means you most likely will not have a SB house any more.

GS Lifetime #822128658, FMCA #F431170


2012 Airstream Mercedes Interstate Extended Class B

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I will say that early on I bought the 30amp RV extension cord from Walmart for my 30amp TT. I have not had to use it alot but was really happy I had it on now and then due to the distance to the electrical pedestal. One spot I go to regularly it is a necessity. I have no experience with 50amp 5thW or motorhome but thought I would bring it up so the experienced folks can comment on whether or not they might need something like that.

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We carry a 60 foot 50A 'extension cord' . I've used all one season and a time or two otherwise .

It is custom made and it's heavy duty , end to end .


We also carry extra sewer hose . Those will get us up to about 50 feet from the 'hole' .

A couple of extra water supply hoses also occupy the water bay .


Both extra sewer and water hoses have been used rather frequently .

Goes around , comes around .

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Thank you kindly for the replies. We will add these to the list. We're not quite sure how we'll handle the laundry yet... any suggestions?

We just arrived home after traveling from SoCal to central WA.


Route your way home via as many SKP parks as possible. They all have decent laundry facilities and reasonably priced campsites. You have SKP parks in Yuma, SoCal, Central Cal (Park Sierra), Oregon (Timber Valley in Sutherlin).


Casinos are great overnight stops. We stopped at Rolling Hills, Casino near Corning, CA. It has a HUGE parking area in back that is full of both big trucks and RVs. This is about 5 hours drive north of SKP Park Sierra (east of Fresno) and about 6 hours drive south of SKP park in Sutherlin, OR. Tuesday and Thursday nights are 1/2 off buffet for anyone over 50 years. And they give you $10 of free play credit when you sign up for the "Player's Club" (which you need to have in order to get the 1/2 off buffet). The DW and I managed to parley our $20 in credit (which you cannot cash) into $19.70 in winnings (which you CAN cash) and that paid our buffet bill. And the overnight was free. Trucks are required to shut down engines here, too.


We usually make use of rest areas; especially if the route has been more tiring than we expected.


Someone mentioned Walmart shopping and this is a great idea. You can pick up almost anything you'll need for the trip at a Walmart and, if you work it right, a free overnight as well. But not all Walmart stores allow overnight parking so get the Allstays app for your smart phone.


Have a smart phone (not just a cell phone) capable of getting onto the Internet. We used ours (we each have a smart phone with one on AT&T and one on Verizon).


Get GasBuddy to find fuel stops where you'll save the most money. Or let you know how many gallons you'll need soon (at a high price) in order to get to the next (cheaper) fuel stop. This is very important when you get close to Oregon (where fuel will be a LOT cheaper than in California).


Tire pressure gage is very important.


Maps. Don't just rely on GPS. Maps give you a better overall view of your route and a handy quick look-up while you're on the road.




Toilet paper.


Hand held radios to communicate when trying to back into a site or in a tight situation.


50-amp converter if your rig is 30-amp.


30-amp converter if your rig is 50-amp.


Digital voltmeter.


Basic tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, allen wrenches, etc.)


Weather apps. When you get to Redding you'll be VERY interested in the weather north of you.


Get a Coachnet account (for towing or emergency road services) as soon as you know the details of your new RV.


Get two fuel filters if you are going to be driving a diesel RV.


Good luck. Try to have fun. :)



1993 Foretravel U225 with Pacbrake and 5.9 Cummins with Banks

1999 Jeep Wrangler, 4" lift and 33" tires

Raspberry Pi Coach Computer

Ham Radio

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We also have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS); having once towed a travel trailer with a completely flat tire over 100 miles, I've become paranoid about this in my old age. I figure that I can tell when a tire on the coach is going soft... but the coach hardly knows that the Jeep is back there and the only other indication would be an increase in turbo boost pressure and that changes all the time anyway.


The co-pilot's job was to monitor tire pressures and temperatures every hour or so and keep note of any trends.


The CB was useless. I could never find a channel where the truckers warn each other of pending issues on the road. I know they must have something but it certainly wasn't the channels that used to work for this. Cellphones or GPS systems with traffic warnings must have taken over that job.


If you plan to stay at Walmart at all, ever, even by happenstance, have this file on your smartphone: http://halberstadt.macmate.me/Walmart/Walmarts_files/Walmart%20Parking%203_25_14.pdf



1993 Foretravel U225 with Pacbrake and 5.9 Cummins with Banks

1999 Jeep Wrangler, 4" lift and 33" tires

Raspberry Pi Coach Computer

Ham Radio

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You have received great recommendations for your maiden voyage, Congratulations!


There are checklists for virtually every subject, area, RVing lifestyle, one can imagine. Some are useful, some not-so-much.


Real-world checklists from people who have the same lifestyle, interests, and and RV type, from the same age-group seem to be the best.


2000 Winnebago Ultimate Freedom USQ40JD, ISC 8.3 Cummins 350, Spartan MM Chassis. USA IN 1SG retired;Good Sam Life member,FMCA ." And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country.  John F. Kennedy 20 Jan 1961


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