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key ord suddely missig letters.


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yu mgt try tu clen thu pins whr it plugz intu th bak uf yur cmputr. :lol:


Sometimes just pulling the plug in and out a few times will cure the problem. Oxidation and dust can build up. You also might try picking up a can of compressed air specifically for electronics. Give your keyboard, rear plugs.. and while you're at it.. crack open the case to your PC and give that a good blow out as well.


If that doesn't solve it you might have to break down and pick up a new keyboard, but it doesn't sound like it's the keyboard itself if several keys just suddenly, and simultaneously, stop working.


The only other solution would be that, somehow, your keyboard character set has been changed/corrupted. Typically, if you go to your device manager and delete the keyboard driver.. then reboot your computer, it "should" reset the default character set.

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If you are on a laptop you are discovering one of the typical issues for laptops. Keyboards develop mechanical issues and replacing them can be very difficult (barring sheer luck on eBay and craigslist). My DW's laptop has a useless keyboard (so useless that passwords cannot be entered reliably) and I have installed a $29 wireless keyboard (with built-in touchpad) to make it usable again. You can also use USB keyboards. This pretty much detracts from the value of the laptop, however.


The other issue for laptops is the hinge. I have another laptop sitting around here somewhere that no longer opens or closes in any reasonable manner. For a while I used a remote monitor (along with a keyboard and mouse) but I soon bought a tower PC and simply put all my data on that. Lots cheaper, too.


Sometimes the issue is dirt but it's often (too often) simply mechanical failure.


Good luck.



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it is l ptop .sometimes it works d the other times ot. will look ito the wireless key orrd thks.


I see. I'll assume there are fresh batteries in the keyboard, you're talking bluetooth, and you are using a usb receiver.. or is it internal? Is your mouse wireless as well? Is it working properly? Have any electronic devices been added recently that might be interfering with the signal? If you are using a wireless router, have you attempted to change the router channel? Are you using any fluorescent lights near your computer?


The reason being, there are many devices that operate in the 2.5 and 5 GHz range that could potentially be causing intermittent interference.


If your mouse IS wireless and working properly, then I think you can rule out a bad receiver. That might indicate that it is the keyboard itself. If you have rebooted, uninstalled then reinstalled the drivers, then I don't know of any other fix. Others might.


You might just have to try a new keyboard. If it does turn out to be the receiver, USB receivers only run about $10.. or if it's an internal receiver, you can always just go back to a corded keyboard. That is probably less expensive than taking your PC in for repair. Personally, I would just go pick up a new keyboard somewhere with a good return policy and give it a fly.

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Picked up a Logitech Wave today and am enjoying it. The mouse and the keyboard work off the same usb device, so that's good. Sorry for the confusion on what was up and the type of computer i was working on. The problem was intermittent at first and then steadily got worse. It seems weird that it is just a few letters but apparently they are some of the more active.


I have looked at a couple laptops since my "First Computer Disaster" and actually took a new Toshiba home for a few days before testing out the old one. I really didn't care for the glut of unwanted and unnecessary "aps" and useless programs that are pre-loaded. Have decided that I will go with an All in one or a tower and nice sized monitor. Will still be able to use my new keyboard for a while. Any suggestions for a decent non gaming computer for under $400 and a good monitor for less than $250. I do a lot of scanning of receipts and other important documents (using NEAT) and watch most of my TV on the computer in addition to a little social media and participating on a forum or two. What ever I get it has to be able to ride either in the truck or RV over thousands of miles without "Shaking apart" Anyone else using a tower or all in one?



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1 Rod, I don't know where you were getting the Toshiba, but when we decided the Toshiba would be the one we would purchase, as we had one before, the best price was a Best Buy. Well it came with all that junk on it and the wife told the salesman that he would have to delete the stuff for us to buy it. He said "I don't think we can do that". So I then said "fine, told him we are out of here". Then the back pedaling started! About an hour later we were headed to the truck with a stripped computer. Play hardball with them.

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Thanks again for the info. I purchased it at a Bj's Wholesale club. About $70 less than the Best Buy down the street. They took it back no questions asked and I now see it on an even more discounted price as an opened box. Someone will get a pretty good deal if they don't mind having to work at getting it up to speed. It's good to be back, now to find all the posts I had answers for but couldn't type them. Do you know how hard that is?, especially for me.



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