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Black Tank Diposal problem


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Hello Everyone,


I am having a problem with discharging my black tank. Here is the problem. My black tank with not release any waste when my travel trailer has been parked for more than a few days. It will only release when I have towed my TT around for awhile. Once I have towed The TT, the Black tank empties just fine. Any suggestions for a fix be greatly appreciated.

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Sounds like a possible obstruction in the tank. When you can empty and do, the obstruction is the last thing nearest the valve each time. By driving around you've "shuffled" the deck so to speak and the obstruction has moved away from the valve.


Recommend doing a thorough flushing of the tank, then inspect to see if you can identify what the obstruction is. Chances are, one of the drill-out holes was inadvertently left in the tank. Its that or possibly an accretion ball.


Only reason I know this is I've been there with my grey tank.


edit: now that I've seen your electrical problem, disregard this until you fix that as noted by the posters in that topic.

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Do you use a digester?

Do you have a black tank flush?


1. If your tank is empty ?? (as far as you know anyway) close the valve and put 10 -15 gallons HOT water down the crapper!.. let soak awhile!... Repeat if/as needed.

2. I've been using a product called Happy Camper http://www.1-happycamper.com/index.php for 10 years now!.... You didn't say what you used for a digester, But I can recommend this one.

3. With your TT level or tilted slightly towards the drain valve...Empty the black tank..>>> A clear fitting that attaches between the drain and sewer hose would let you see what's coming through <<< If it's paper and solids, I'd HOT water 10-15 gallons again, soak and shake the tank, (stop & go drive) then level and drain again.

4. Another product I can recommend and also been using the past 10 years is a Sewer Solutions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsdfUXoOxrw


And here's the routine after the tank is drained, flushed, and valve closed!


1. Charge the system!... Fill the crapper bowl with water and dump three times (3-4 gallons)... I add a scoop of Happy and mix in the third bowl

2. Add an extra bowl after a #2

3. Never Ever!! use baby wipes!

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Nada-Thing is probably right. If you can empty the tank after moving and call a plumber that has a long camera snake you should be able to remove the cutout. It's pretty common for the assemblers to let them drop into the tanks.

You don't say if this is a new RV, or new to you RV, but you can always have a dealer deal with it.

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Chemicals do NOT work as well as do probiotics. Look them up. We use only Scott septic safe TP. A Flush King is also a good idea. The only genuine one I know of is sold by Camping World - unfortunately. This is our third rig - we've learned this is the best - for us. We are full timers.

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