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A GOOD HDT Parking Story

Dennis M

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Buddy and I decided to go up to Scottsdale for a look at the Barrett Jackson auction. Since the wives came along we took two vehicles so we each could go separate ways on Thursday. I took the Volvo since it is WAY more comfortable than the smart for 2 hours on the interstate.


Thursday morning we drove the Volvo up to Scottsdale from motel in Mesa. Got there about 8:30. Exit on Bell Rd. that Google Maps had sent us to, specified it was for parking permits only; next exit the same; third exit north of the auction had sign for public parking. Followed direction and ended up west of the 101 expressway (auction on east side.) So now we are several miles north on opposite side of expressway, only access by shuttle bus - hey it is what it is.


Pulled into lot, attendant says "I can't park that here."


I say, "It will fit in the space of a dually long bed."


He says, "Sorry boss won't let me, you need to go to the semi & trailer lot."


OK, he gives me directions. Another mile west and a ways farther north to the "semi" lot. Attendant says "Where's your pass?"


"Don't have one."


"OK, park anywhere and pick one up and put it on when you get back."


"How do we get to the auction?"


"Don't know, most people park and someone picks them up."


So, that won't work, after I ask him what to do and he says,


"Go back south to Bell Rd. (where we wanted to go in first place!) and to the main entrance and they will take care of you."


SO, we go back to Bell Rd and into auction site, past reserved parking and lo and behold there is another "general parking". Pull up to attendant and he looks at us, picks up his radio and says,


"Ive got a big RV here, where do you want it?"


Radio replies, "Does he have a trailer?"


"No, just a semi"


"OK be right there"


Attendent, "Pull over there and we'll park you in a couple of minutes."


Less than five minutes later a ATV pulls up and signals us to follow. We follow him across a couple of lots, where he moves barriers to let us through, finally into a lot right next to the auction arena and tells me to park next to a commercial bob-tail at the back of the lot!


Park the Volvo and we are less than 300 yards from the main entrance to auction!


Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while!


BTW, the auction was great - biggest "car show" I ever saw!

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Sometimes it pays to drive a HDT

This reminds me of the time we visited the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA in our converted bus (the outside looked pretty much like a bus still). Drove up to the parking lot and asked how much to park? He says "buses are free". I told him it was an RV. He said, "buses are free". Didn't argue with him. Parked for free and all six of us got out and toured the Queen Mary.



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