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Volunteering at CARE


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I just finished at CARE for the month of Dec. The schedule was 3 days on and 2 days off, then another 3 days. That is the schedule with a full crew.

One day you are on 7am to 7am the following morning. You lock up at 7pm and one last sweep at 9pm, carry a phone overnight from just before dinner and I never got a call. That day you check in residents at each meal to make sure they are doing well and give the kitchen a count for the meals for the day each morning. You wash off tables after the meals and sweep. You also wrap silverware.


The next day you turn over the keys and turn off your phone and work washing dishes in the morning and at lunch.

The third day you only do the evening dishes.


Some also volunteer to drive to medical appointments on their days off and if you like doing maintainence you can do that for residents who have a honey do list.

I enjoyed my time and had a good group of volunteers that I worked with.

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