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Backup Camera for Fifth Wheel


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I have been looking at backup cameras for several months now. There is quite a few out there. I have not good experiences with wireless models. For example, I had one that showed that traffic camera image every time I was stopped at an intersection. That was only amusing for a while.


I keep coming back to this model as it easily disconnects from the fiver when.




I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this brand and or model. Or, if I am overlooking some better solutions.




(I was not sure if this would be the best section to post in, if not, moderator please feel free to move it.)

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I have a Review Safety cameras on our 5th wheel. I installed this system http://www.rearviewsafety.com/products/camera-systems/three-camera-system-with-quick-connect-disconnect-cable-model-rvs-770616-2133.html and it has worked very well indeed with never problem. I keep the volume turned all the way down on the monitor unless needed because I find the occasional interference (white noise) distracting.



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I use a Voyager 4 camera system. Several options but you can use camera 1 for the main rear view and cameras 2 and 3 as smaller "insert" images on that screen for three views of the fifth wheel. Camera 4 is mounted high on the truck to use when hooking the fifth wheel up, I also have a low camera at the receiver hitch if needed that displays on the GPS/radio.

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