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Going Thru Atlanta,GA.

nena lynn

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Running around the outside I-285 like said above is usually ok from 10-3 any day. Running I-85 thru downtown is good on Sunday morning at 4'oclock. :D

Going thru downtown on a weekday is a crap shoot. We've done it many time with no issue, and we've been in gridlock at 1:30 in the afternoon when there's an event going on.

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Much may depend on the weather. Consider the drive after midnight. Sometimes a direct shot on I-75, I-20, or I-85. It is not getting any better. I-285 is a wild trip. Good luck.


Safe Travels

We lived in Atlanta for 9 years and went back for holidays to visit our son. I would second the fact that I-285 is a wild ride. My recommendation is to stay on I-20. Stay in a right lane but not the far right as sometimes it is "exit only". Anytime should be fine but at rush hour there will be back-ups near intersections with other interstates.



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