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----SOLD LOCALLY----Have a ford you do your own work on? AutoEnginuity ford bundle (AE)


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Selling AutoEnginuity Total Ford Enhanced Bundle


If you don't know what the AE is or is capable of, check this out.

It includes a usb drive with the updates that had come out when I had it. Its one year of free updates expired. It can be used as is and works great, but to get newer updates, the yearly license for updates is $50. (personally, I see no reason to pay extra for the updates each year)


Cable and Dongle (shows proline connector SP03)
Origional book
origional install cd
usb drive with updates (newest that I have is V.11)
Even includes the origional box.

AE works great and sure helped me out a few times.

This would be shipped from Canada .

These are $359.89 here. Will sell for $250 shipped. Paypal ok.


I did all my own work on the truck and would NOT travel without one of these. Last thing you want to do is break down in some small town and have to rely on a local mechanic that he is trustworthy. With AE, you do your own full diagnostics and can know EXACTLY what is wrong or needs to be done.


Reason for selling: Sold truck :(


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