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Escapades Free Day?


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Will there be a free community day at the Tucson Escapade?


Years back when we attended our first Escapade in California, I recall there was one day open to the public for no charge.


I am interested in buying some stuff in the vendor area and not interested in the seminars.




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Free day? We just got our latest issue of the SKP mgazine and there is NO mention of any 'free day' in the rates listing for walk ins. So is there one or not? Will somebody who is working the Escapade and in the know please clarify?

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While we are staff for Tucson, that isn't really our department but the free day has existed for years. It is a day of free admission, but you only gain admission to walk around and look visit the market place and shop and a few other things. It is only 8am to 4 pm while a single day admission gains you entry to all activities, just like anyone who is attending. You then can take part in seminars and similar events, attend the evening program and the entertainment and are welcome for everything.


There is no advance registration for the free day as you just get entrance free as it is aimed primarily at the local people who wish to see what it is all about.

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Oops...sorry. I took a peek at the rate schedule and it gave $30/p for walk-ins. It didn't state anything about the 'free' community day. Good to know.

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Thank you Kirk, you hit the nail squarely on the head with your explanation to 2gypsies. The Free Community day has been around for many years and is a way to allow the locals to visit Escapade and expose them to the Escapees RV Club.



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