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Using a Powerchair


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This one has me totally "stumped"! Some friends of ours who travel quite frequently in their motorhome posed this question to us. It seems that the Mrs. of this couple is going to need to use a power chair of sorts to remain mobile. In our discussions, we have tried to determine just how they would get the power chair in and out of the motorhome as needed. In attempting to assist them in resolving this issue, my research has found just a couple of "answers" .... one which seems to provide all the necessary capabilities is the Startracks RV handicap disability wheelchair lift.


Any users of this lift, or perhaps other suggestions of providers of such lifts.


Thanks in advance for your input.





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We have a neighbor who uses a lift of the type made by Startracks and while it does work well if the user has some mobility, it does not lift the char into the RV. In order to do that a great deal depends upon the chair that the user has. Most of the power chairs are large enough that it would require modification of the RV entry door. The lift that my neighbor has works because the user does not use a power chair but rather has one of the fold-up chairs and that allows moving it in and out.


Doing a Google search I did find quite a list of possible lifts.

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If she has enough mobility to get around in the RV with a cane, walker, or just holding onto walls and furniture, the chair lift we had installed from Coach Lift in Phoenix, AZ is working really well for us. We had ours mounted inside the door. The chair takes my wife from the ground all the way up to the floor on the inside of our MH. No steps to maneuver. Inside she holds on to the walls or furniture. I did install some grab bars inside the MH to help her around. If we had a larger RV she would use her walker.


If you "have" to use the powerchair inside the RV, there may not be enough room in most RV's to maneuver the chair.

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Commercial City Buses use various systems to support folks in wheelchairs. I have seen them installed in Mega-C Motorhomes used as Medical Clinics, but they are quite expensive.


It is certainly possible to install into a Class A. Just have to 'pay to play'



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We stayed at the Granger, IN KOA a couple years ago and Newmar was conducting a photo session of their handicap accessible Canyon Star in the site across from us. It had quite a large lift and door in the side and they demonstrated the use of a wheelchair during the session. I didn't see the inside but it is supposed to be completely handicap accessible.


I did a quick search and found this web address:



Best wishes for safe travels!!

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I use a scooter or Power Chair, depending. My scooter can move through the unit, but rather use canes or one of,the mobility walkers (the ones with a seat and wheels) due to size issues. I can maneuver down steps. I agree that there are a variety of lifts, may well require door modifications and can be pricy. I did see a folding aluminum ramp set used (thnk it was individually manufactured) where it had a small platform outside the door, ramp to the ground.

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