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Building a 5th Wheel Air Ride Hitch


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If you're serious about a low/flush mount hitch look into industrial air stops/bumpers, just a different application for air bags that opens up a new selection of sizes both dia. and length. I found some 6" dia. X 14" travel bumpers and used them on an offroad 4x4 suspension.


Thanks, Shorts.

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I am having a few conversations over PM's about the next version of the hitch. If anyone is interested, just shoot me a PM and we can discuss it.


I'm thinking maybe some ivory and engraving would be appropriate as well for yours, Dollytrolley.





Zero.........ya got style........when folks cast a glance at the ole Dollytrolley the last thing they seem to think about is Ivory & Engraving......


Last week I had two pumps filling diesel in the trolley at the same time and a young guy pulled in his new jacked-up Ram and started filling up..........the kid wondered over and smiled and said.......'how much does that 'THING" hold".......I smiled and said "Oh ........enough to double the trucks value"...........


Ivory...........Wow........thats pretty hot ...........and the shoot-n-iron comes with every hitch..........


Drive on.........(Ivory envy...........)

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Funny how we go from 5th wheel hitches to "Pea Shooters"??????????????


Trailer - LOL, in this section of the forum (HDT), it's possible to get anywhere from nowhere and back again. Part of it that keeps things interesting. One of the neater things about things. it always manages to recenter itself.


If I wanted the 'regimentation', I'd head over to rv.net.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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