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Pump-out service is available for Escapade!

Kirk W

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· Honey wagon pump-out service is now available for those in electric/water and boondocking parking areas.

  • Pump-out service is a pre-sold option ONLY; please contact registration in Livingston at 888-757-2582 to arrange for a holding tank pump-out.
    • Cost is $25.00, pre-paid to registration in Livingston.

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Thanks Kirk, as usual, you are right on with your answers. The pump service will be offered either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the number of attendees that request a pump out. The service company requires that we provide them numbers in advance, hence the pre-sold only requirement.




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We have never been to the Pima County Fairgrounds let alone to Tucson. Is it safe for me to assume that there will be restrooms with showers available? I know it is a newbie question, but this will be only our 2nd trip in our coach and our 2nd Escapade in 7 years. At Gillette in 2008, we rented an RV.

Thank You



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The ones we have used did not connect to the RV's drain line, one glitch and they'd destroy the tanks!


What they do is dump into a container and then suck up the container's contents. What the container is varies, at the big tent in Q they used an old 24 inch washtub, at a fancy park up north they had a home-made looking tank about like a 40 lb propane tank. The RV hooked to one end of and the truck suction line hooked to the other, in the middle they had a good sized vent that set about three feet in the air.

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