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Test photo from Google Photos

Al F

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^^^ Scary test photo! You should warn folks before you post something like that!


If you go to Google and right-click then open image in a new tab you can post that URL to the Image toolbar tool here and get it directly into your post.



Scary Photo Below... Beware transplanted northerners!







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Interesting. Lets see what it can do with this: Our 1 RV Park in Sequim.:

Sunrise Rounds;




A little more nostalgic pic:



And yesterday: Bell Creek overflowed the Park's ponds a little from what fell in the hills a few miles to our south



Them Thar Hills where all that water came from:


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What is on the tower, there?

That's AT&T tower but Sequim has a citywide free Wifi that generally gets about 2mbps. The City provides us a JetPack 5510L unlimited that usually gives us 10-15mbps on Verizon. Occasionally my Sprint Note 4 gives me up to about 15mbps at -95dbm where we are but most of the time it runs only about 6-10mbps down. Both Sprint and Verizon seem to give much higher Up than down most of the time when it gets busy.

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Yes it is Wilderness RV Estates, and yes our lot is in the Class A section. We are adjacent to the Cross Florida Greenway and the rules from the Greenway only allow Class A RVs in this section. The other 2 sections are mixed with all types allowed.


A couple of other photos:








Here is a link to our OneDrive page showing some additional photos. The early photos show the lot when we arrived in mid-August. You can see the various changes we have made. We have plans that next year we will add an oven and enclosure to the right of the counter. We then plan to finish the shed to create additional living space. I say "Man Cave", my DW says "Craft Room". I suppose she will win out on this one, LOL!

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We actually built the counter top with laminated wood we purchased at Lowes. We have a local metal worker that wrapped the counter in SS. It is a side job for him so it takes a couple of weeks, but worth it. He charged $145 for wrapping ours. The sink/faucet are cheapies we bought at Lowes as well. We figured for exterior use we did not want to sink (no pun intended) a lot into them. Our neighbor has the same combo that is going strong after 3 years. The counter top is held to the shed with hinges (4 each) as is the shed roof. The front legs from both are galvanized fence posts. Because of the industrial look of the system we felt the Gladiator cabinets fit right in.


The whole thing turned out better than we had hoped. We have around $600 or so tied up with the shed roof and counter. The cabinets were another $450 or so. Refrig/freezer was $159 at Wally World. Next year we will add the oven to the right of the counter. I will have to design some type of enclosure that fits in. We will also get a little better gas grill as well.


It's difficult to see the hinges as I have them painted the same color as the shed. Same thing for the tracks the cabinets are hung from. I wanted then to blend in. With a little work, the counter will fold up and the shed roof will fold down over it. This far inland in Florida we do not get the hurricane force winds often, but this is designed to hopefully ride out a bad storm if necessary.


We also put gutters on 2 sides of the shed prior to building the shed roof. This stops most of the run off from the roof over the pavers. The other 2 sides run into flower beds so that is OK.

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