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I have to be honest and admit that I knew absolutely nothing about RV's before I purchased our 1981 Revcon. Just that we wanted more quality family time and that the For sale Revcon was just to beautiful to pass up. I still barely know anything about this beast but the archives in this forum are steering me in the right direction. Thank you to all you gents that contribute on a regular basis. Like wine, I find learning about all things RV fascinating.

I now know that

1. You need gas AND electricity to creat warmth.

2. The fridge works on gas or electricity but will seek electricity first.

3. How to light the pilot for the water heator and where the plug is for winterization.

4. Water pump is only for dry camping unless you need a new city water hose fitting. I have been filling the water tank then using pump to deliver to sinks.

5. Grey flushes black.

6. When storing to check again for lights at night when they are obvious.

7. Aft AC is wired to generator forward AC is used when plugged into 30amp service.

8. The difference between 20/30/50 amp service and how to safely put electricity to coach. Also that it is dangerous to power your coach in your driveway with just a common extension cord. Briefly is okay though.

9. It is okay to travel with gas on to create heat with furnace in cold climates. Also safe to travel with genset on to create A/C in hot climates.

10. The all important walk around before take off.

11. Where the house battery cut off switch is.


Delving into tire pressures next.


Thanks again gents for all you have contributed. This forum is helping me become a safe knowledgable happy camper.


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Delving into tire pressures next.

Thanks for letting us know that the forum has been helpful! We all learned much of what we know from others who shared with us so that is the key to happy RVing. The Revcon was a great RV and their shutdown was a loss to the RV market.


A couple of things on tires to consider. If you haven't yet done so, first thing is to check the age of the tires. Not sure how much you know yet but I suspect that you already know that they can fail from age alone. If you have any doubts, check out this page.


The other thing to get informed about is the tire inflation tables. Tire manufacturers supply tables for their tires which advise on proper inflation pressures, based upon the weight of the RV. You need to get accurate weights for many reasons but tires are very important. If possible get each wheel weight but at a minimum you need to know each axle weight. Side to side loading will effect both tire wear and handling.

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I didn't do any computer stuff until around 2002 so did not access the forum until that time frame. I had been rving about 5 years or so then. Oh, the problems I would have avoided if I had been accessing it even before I started.


On edit I find I didn't start until 2004. Boy was I behind the curve.

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Add to your list to check antenna position before driving as we have all done that. Check and see if there is a switch for power to the antenna as it needs 12VDC to function. It will be where the cable from the TV attaches to the wall outlet.




Safe travels, Vern

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Wow! That is a cool looking RV!! I would second the fact that there is so much to learn and these forums are a great place to learn the easy way...as opposed to the hard way...which can be both frustrating and expensive!!! We have been living (in a stationary Fleetwood Bounder) and learning how to live in an RV since Sept and absolutely love it. Can't wait till we get our own so we can change the scenery!!! Thanks again for all the help and answering all the questions that we newbies put out there!!

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