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Happy New Year All

Pat & Pete

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Wow, where did 2014 go?? I think I actually wrote 2014 on maybe 2 or 3 checks, all year, and not many other places at all.


I think the highlight of our 2014 was growing a nice garden (I want to say little while some would think it's huge) and spending the summer with family in PA doing it. :) Eating out of our freezer and seeing the level of preserved goodness going down steadily is even more motivation to find a place to do it again!


Lots of new plans for 2015 and some changes of direction being initiated. No one quite knows how the plans will mesh with reality but we're steering in a different direction than the past few years because we don't want to end up repeating the last few years. (Does that make sense?)


No big diet or exercise plans. Just an attempt at some changes of mindset (actually, already started) and looking forward more so than where we are or where we've been.


I know, a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a trip around the block, a return back home because someone forgot to pee, a check to make sure that iron is really turned off, and at least one flat tire. I think we've gone through that list (plus some more) so let the journey of 1,000 miles begin!




Happy New Year!

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