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Swapping from Directv to Dish questions

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We currently have Directv (standard def) and a Winegard Carryout G2 portable antennae. We're wanting to go hi-def, but the G2 will only do Hi-def on Dish. We're currently in Port St. Lucie, FL, for the next couple of months. No matter who I talk to at DISH, they all want to transfer me to the folks that handle the "Home and RV" package...which I do not want. Even get transferred there when I ask for an rv specialist.

Question: can I just have them come out and fix me up with the package I want (America's top 250)? My billing address is in Livingston, TX, (of course). I know to use chat to change my service address whenever we move. Will this work?

There is only a single LNB on the G2, so will I need to keep the 12V power cord hooked up or can I disconnect it after it locks on to the satellite(s) like I do on Directv?

Reason for changing? Wife really likes local news from wherever we are and doesn't want to mess with the ota antennae. Also, Dish has a good promotion going right now with a 24 month contract and auto bill pay.


Thanks for y'alls help,



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Our complete story



Part of my write up

Finally, arranging installation directly from DTV or Dish will cause you headaches, as when they come out they usually just say they are not qualified and go back. Now for you DIY’s who arranged for everything to be done ahead of time. You can tell them install the dish on that tri-pod. Once installed and aligned, you can then instruct them to use specific cables (which are in the open) to install, splitters, taps and receivers. You have to convince them there are no cables required, cables have been run and require installation of equipment only. I can provide additional information if requested. In our case, I located an installer and said everything was ready. I removed my DTV satellite antenna and inserted a 1.5 inch dia. Tube into my tri-pod. This is required for Dish antenna. The installer installed and setup the antenna and the Solo Node at the tri-pod. Aligned the antenna and ran a new cable (one only) to my outside connector.

Once inside, I show him 3 cables:

Cable 1 from outside

Cable 2 to living room TV

Cable 3 to bedroom TV.

He installed the Tap to cable 1 (input), cable 2 and 3 to output. Next he installed the receivers. From the receivers HDMI cables were already installed by me. I did the A/B switch later once my Winegard SK system was installed. Remember Susan and I are the ultimate DIY.


Hope this helps

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Most newer rigs have sat inputs so I don't get the need for an installer?

The Carryout will need 12v power because it has to switch between the three sats.

There are tons of tuners available from multiple sources. If you just want to get HD there are some really good deals.


We were already Dish customers so switching to full time was easy.

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Ditto what Zulu said. Tell them there are no cables to run, all you need is a new receiver and service package. Look at the 211k receiver. It works well with the carryout antenna and is an HD receiver. You will have to leave the carryout plugged into 12v power while watching TV. Dish uses three different satellites and the carryout will need to change between the satellites as you change channels. It can only do this if it has 12v power. You will also have to remove the cover from the carryout antenna and change some DIP switch settings to tell the dish to look for Dish satellites instead of Direct TV satellites (this is a one time set it and forget it change). This should be covered in the manual for the Carryout or on Winegard's website.

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If you do call an installer, he most likely will not understand how to set up the receiver for the carryout. Remember, he usually deals with stationary satellite dishes not portable RV dishes.


The portable dish's like the G2 use the SW64 switch setting.


If he doesn't know this it could turn into a goat rope.




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Whether Dish or Direct I have found it is better to get things installed/fixed in a location where there are a lot of Rv Parks(snowbird territory). Dealing with Rvs is just a part of their business, not an exception. We have Direct and they have a special RV(mobile) area where the CSC is familiar with the RV problems. Makes life a lot easier, though never perfect.

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