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ECR - Question of Interest


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I have been informed that Fitzgeralds Glider Kits is located near Crossville. Here is the link for those unfamiliar with the glider concept. Look under FAQs on the website. http://fitzgeraldgliderkits.com If there is enough interest I will try to set up a tour of the facility as part of the ECR activities. Please post here if interested.

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Do I understand this correctly? A Glider is a new cab with a rebuilt chassis. The manufacturer then takes a pre-emissions Detroit engine and drops it into the chassis? Or something like that...

That's my understanding. This concept is new to me also so someone may explain it a little more thoroughly. Seems like you could have the chassis any length you wanted from the outset which might save adding extensions for hitches, etc. again hope someone with more knowledge will comment.

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A glider "kit" typically has everything a new truck has except the engine and transmission. Sometimes the rear axles are left off too. with most manufacturers you order the truck similar to ordering a new one - put on the options you want. Then add your own engine and trans. With the turnkey glider kit companies you have less choice of accessories, but you still get it pretty much the way you want it - within the scope of work that they do. Some will do things others will not.


The biggest benefit is reusing your own engine/trans on a tired body....way cheaper than a new truck. OR, to avoid pollution control you can spec a new body, and then have a rebuilt non EGT/pollution engine put in it.


It is not really all that much cheaper than a new truck, although it "can" be, but you can avoid some of the things that new trucks have. Most of the gliders I have seen built have run in the $120 range but it is highly variable depending on the work you do and the specs. I've toyed with the idea of doing a glider based on the large Argosy cab....but have not really priced it out.

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You guys are going to love it there even if it is a bit bittersweet for a Volvo owner. Nice work Suite!!


Be sure to leave your checkbooks at home and be sure to have your wives keep you out of the sales office...... You won't be able to resist their DDEC4 T660 when you come across it. Get one of those and you'll be untouchable at the fuel pump - drive it right and ain't nobody going to come even close to the mileage of that truck! It'll solve all your forward headlighting woes as well. ;)



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Guest Lostinaz

A few years ago an O/O here in town got a new Pete with an old re-built 6NZ C-15 from Fitzgerald.

Nice truck-no modern emission or electronic problems.

It was called a "rolling glider kit" from Pete-it came with brand new rear ends from the Pete factory.

Fitzgerald put the old CAT and a re-built 13 speed in it. Way better than this new BS with DEF and all.

Hard to find E model or 6NZ C-15s anymore. Still a lot of old Detroits around for now.

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We will miss you Jack, but I'll try to take a lot of pictures so you can be envious ;)

BTW if you wanna send me a blank signed check, I'm sure we could come up with something for you

Gulp - I could even deliver - opps something about cold dead hands - maybe I couldn't - LOL

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