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Western Horizon Resorts membership for sale

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We have sold our truck and 5th wheel and no longer require our Western Horizon Resorts (WHR) membership. This membership has no annual dues. It is membership type WSAX. Purchaser to pay any required transfer fees. We'll accept the best offer received. Thanks


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I would need more info on Western Horizon Resorts.


Yes, me too.


I went to WHR's website and found out where the various RV parks are, but they had no information on their website (that I was able to find) about how the program works (and I have no idea what "WSAX" is). Stuff like how long do you get to stay at each park and is there a time out before you can go on to another park? How much does it cost to stay at each park...is it a set amount (like C2C), or does each park set their own rates?


Is there a Home Park involved...and, if so, which one is it?

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Sorry, Paroots. The last bit of gossip that came my way indicated that Western Horizons has one park left out of the 21 parks in the original contract. It would be wise to call their main office and leave a message for information. I hear they no longer answer their phones.

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It is really a shame. WHR has been in a downward spiral for several years. It was once one of the best and friendliest systems around. We pre-paid our dues and plan to keep our membership as long as possible just so we can maintain access to the ROD system. If we were still paying our dues yearly, we were seriously consider dropping them as many others have.


Safe Travels...

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Roger, we are just like you. We want access to ROD as they have parks across the USA. WHR has only one park (East Otto, NY affiliate park) east of the Mississippi where we spend much of our time. Has anyone stopped their annual WHR dues and still paid and had access to the ROD parks? Greg

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