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Bank of America Just pulled the rug out from under us


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I just recieved an e-mail from BOA that states:


" Citizens National Bank has agreed to buy several Bank of America banking centers. We want to let you know, as part of this sale, your accounts listed below will become Citizens National Bank accounts.


While we know change isn't easy, we'll work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition, and Citizens National Bank will send you additional details in the weeks ahead.


Your accounts that will move to Citizens National Bank


On January 23, 2015 your accounts below will become Citizens National Bank accounts:


Checking, ending in xxxxx

Savings, ending in xxxx


To learn more about Citizens National Bank


When you have a moment, please visit https://www.cnbtexas.com/boa "




I apparently do not have an option in this. Has anyone else recieved this e-mail? Does this look legit?

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There are a few article via Google speaking of CNB purchasing some BOA locations here in Texas. The

easy thing to do would be to stop by your local banking location and inquire as to the change. As for CNB they are a well established banking institution with excellent customer service. While I don't

currently bank with CNB, I sure wouldn't hesitate to do so.

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It might not be as bad as you think.

We had SeaFirst Bank in Seattle until they were purchased by Bank of America.

I had boxes of checks with SeaFirst Bank as the bank. I continued to use them for about ten years!

The SeaFirst Bank checks were dated 19_ _ and sometime around 2010 I became self-conscious or embarrassed enough to buy new checks with the updated BofA name & address even though the old SeaFirst checks still worked.

Just keep using your old stuff until it's convenient for you to change.

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First of all, not only is this true, I don't believe that there is any need for alarm. It is highly unlikely that you will even see anything different in the first few months other than the look of your bank statement's logo. Over time there may be some minor changes in operations but most will come on slowly and with advanced warnings.


The banking industry is one of the most regulated businesses in this country with both state and federal regulators watching their every move and a bank the entire change had to be approved by the Federal Reserve Board before any of it could begin. There is no danger in this at all and you will have ample time to find a new bank if you don't like the changes as they do come.


If you follow the financial news, Bank of America has been in some difficulties in recent months and this is part of the adjustment to solve those problems and to withdraw from some states. CNB is rated as one of America's top banking institutions by Barron's financial magazine. It is quite possible that you will find that you are better served by CNB than you were in the past by BOA.

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Good evening, the Hoyles.


As Kirk indicated, both banks are well established, and I suspect they will make the changeover quite painless.


Regarding "national" financial institutions, you might wish to consider a good credit union that has nationwide coop shared agreements. Multiple positive reasons include the fact that there are more credit unions that take part in the agreement then ANY bank has branches. I have accessed my account many times throughout the U.S. simply by stopping at CU's that are part of the coop.





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Kirk, are you saying we won't have to go through the hassel of changing all of our automatic deposits and scheduled payments with this change?

I highly doubt that you will need to do anything. When our financial institution was bought/merged, we did nothing at all and everything just continued as it was before. We have had the experience twice in the past 15 or so years and both while on the road. What changes in those areas that must be done will be taken care of by CNB for you. When/if you get new checks those will have a new routing number series but those that you have now will work until that happens.


I do have some advantage as Pam is a former banker so knew what to expect. She was correct that it was no effort at all.

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Yep, Jean. I received the same e-mail. While for most, it might be an easy transition it is apparently WHERE you bank is. It is not all BOA's and right now my personal checking will "move" to the new bank but my business account will stay with BOA. There Should to a thrilling experience transferring money from one account/bank to another. Not looking forward to this at all and there are definitely questions to be answered when I am on the phone in the morning--that is WHEN I finally get through after hours on hold! No mention of if our current service charges or lack of will be the same or not. So far, I don't believe they are coast to coast.

BOA has been going down hill for several years but I stayed with them because of the overall number of banking locations. But maybe this will be a positive thing and if it is, I will just move my person account there too. If not, I'll have to investigate Wells Fargo. Hugs, Di.

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How often do you actually walk into a bank branch office?

I have been with USAA Federal Savings Bank for almost 50 years.

I have *never* been inside any USAA facility. Never.

Been perfectly pleased with them. Especially with electronic banking. I use my smartphone to deposit the occasional paper check, use any ATM I want. Transfer money on-line, on and on.

Sticks and bricks banks are of no particular use to me. May be the same with you.

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Ed ed, That is my point, I was satisfied with MY bank. I was satisfied with MY online banking. they are the ones throwing a Monkey wrench into things. I had a line of credit that I could rely on If needed, now what? I also had a credit card ( mastercard) with BOA, what is going to happen to that... So meny questions and yes, Di, tomorrow the phone's impersonal call cues, " press1 for this, press 2 for that" and hold your breath if you want to speak with a live breathing human.

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I received the same email. The biggest pain I see is changing the direct deposit, I'm sure Social Security (wife's deposit) and the US Office of Personal Managment (my deposit) is going to be a real treat. Even if the account numbers stay the same, I don't think the routing number for Citizens National Bank will be the same.


I opened a USAA account back when BOA said they were going to charge $5 per ATM transaction. BOA decided not to do that, I was ready to leave them then, and will leave them now if Citizens National Bank can not provide me with free ATM service accross the country.


Here's hoping the emails were a screw-up, and/or we have some say in it, if not USAA will be getting my checking and savings account deposits.

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Kirk, are you saying we won't have to go through the hassel of changing all of our automatic deposits and scheduled payments with this change? That is what i do not like dealing with the most. We have been with BOA for 20+ years I hate change

In our town BofA was changed to Washington Federal. My account at that bank dated from the early 1960s and even though I personally had moved all my business acounts away from BofA our personal banking stayed there. All we had to do was go in and change checks. We had salary and social security checks deposited there as well as automated payments for mortgage, etc. No issues.



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I too received the email and upon clicking on the Citizen's link saw that it was just a few east Texas Branches that were affected. I am going into the local branch of BOA here in Houston later today and see what they have to say. I would prefer to stay with BOA to avoid the hassle of changing and because they are all over the USA.

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Totally agree with Kirk. My bank has changed hands several times in recent years and I have never had to do anything but get used to the look of the new statements. Your current checks should be fine for as long as it takes to use them up. But check on that one to make sure. Hopefully the tellers you know, if any, will still be there for a while and maybe even kept long term if they are good at what they do.


Dont throw any of the new mailings away until you read and mostly understand them. They will tell you of any new advantages or disadvantages to you of the new change. Then you can make a decision whether to stay with them or leave for a new bank.

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I just called the phone number to opt out of the transfer. It was cheerfully taken care of in less than 10 minutes. The gal said I was the 3rd RV'er to call already this morning. I explained about this thread!


Kirk, I asked her the "branch" question and she said no branch will be listed and is not needed, that we can use the 877.833.5617 number if we have any needs.


Thanks, all for the info. I am glad to remain a BOA customer and not have all the switching problems. I also am quite pleased with BOA service over the last 6+ years of RVing.



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Since the banking laws have been loosened to allow banking across state lines and such, it does make things of this sort more complicated. Pam worked at BOA way back before we were married, when BOA was just inside of CA and no banks could do business across state lines. At the time most things were tied to a specific physical location, but today with the electronic access you really don't need that sort of thing and banking laws allow many things which didn't even exist back then. What all of this leaves me wondering is, exactly what did BOA sell to CNB? Those negotiations must be very complicated... Beyond the physical buildings and perhaps a few employees, what part of the bank actually was part of the sale? Probably way beyond what my aging mind could grasp. :wacko:

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