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Cab wind noise - deflectors?


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On my IH the wind on the mirrors was prying the gap open and letting in a lot of noise. Re-adjusting the door hinges to move the top corner in 1/8" was enough to stop the noise.


You can test this by pressing on your door at the top corner at just below the speed it makes noise at to see if it starts.

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Thanks all.


After much inspection of the area, I find there's no actual leakage, but just noise. As you may know, this model has wing windows, which the Sportchassis shop mentioned as one of the possible causes. That, and those big side mirrors.


I was thinking that I could use a bar, vertical, clamped to the top and bottom horizontal frame rails of the mirrors, and then attach to it some sort of wind-deflecting vane like a piece of aluminum. Then go out and drive around and see if merely deflecting the wind would help.


That, or get painter's tape and block off areas until I find it.

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I would start by covering up/filling the gap between the door opening and the door itself.

The door seems to fit just fine. My absolute first task will be to thoroughly clean the rubber around the door frame.


I had wanted to stop by Sportchassis in OK a few weeks ago, but the weather turned horribly cold. I was told there would be silicone involved, which needs 24hr to cure. I didn't assume below-freezing temperatures were going to be conducive to that.

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