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Medicare Part A&B

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For those of us on medicare if you received your new medicare&you 2015 go to page 12 and at the bottom of the page and find out what you pay for premium and deductible for 2015.. I was told that the cost will not be out until the first week or second of November most likely the second week..Is this a coincidence or do I smell a rat? after the midterm elections? will it rise above the 1% we are to receive the first of the year? Just something to think about..




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Time to look for a new Plan D? Quite a jump.



My 2015 part D will be 12.7% more then this year.

But so far for the 10 months this year they have paid out $1,193 more then I will pay them for the 12 months.

Still seems like a bargain to me. And I just started a new added maintenance prescription this month.

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They both increased, Plan F (3.5%) & Plan D (20%).

Our Plan R rose by about 2% but the Part D dropped by 11%.


Also, you really can't compare the cost increase in your health premiums to that of the increase in SS by the percentage since the percentage is applied to the premiums in health coverage and to the entire SS amount in the other, which is a much lager amount. Generally a 1% increase in SS is more than a 10% increase in monthly premium.

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