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Beach, Take Me Away - Holding Tank Valve Seals


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I'm replacing my gray & black tank waste gate valves because they were getting hard to open/close, and both valves appear to be originals -- 13 years old. It seemed like a good time to replace.


When I removed both valves (both Valterras), I noticed that the rubber seals (actually Santoprene I think) were in great shape. All the valve seals were still very flexible and there was no cracking or discoloration.


I could probably reuse them, but I probably won't since new seals were included with the replacement valves I bought.


My point is that I was prepared to see crumbling rubber, mainly because of what I've heard on RV forums . . . "Don't use this-or-that chemical because it will ruin the seals" -- and I've been quite liberal in my use of bleach, the so-called seal-ruining villain.


Anyway, to those of you who have replace these valves, what shape were the old seals in?

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I replaced our valves today as a matter of fact. We had Drain Master electric valves that have been troublesome from the very first day. Replaced them with Valterra cable pull style. The seals of the old valves were in good shape, just the motor and gearing wasn't what it needs to be.

If the manufacturers would put the valves in a vertical position instead of horizontal most of the issues of sticking, non-working or leaking valves would disappear.

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Probably a lot depends on the quality of the seals. I'm sure there are different types of materials used. Perhaps the better DP'ers use a better grade of seal.


You are probably well advised to replace the seals as long as the gates are already apart. Keep the replaced seals as you don't know what might happen in the future.

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I have only once had to replace a dump valve and it was replaced because it was broken.


Since the dump valves are the same on all RVs, would this not have been better posted to a combined forum? :D

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I was actually able to apply some Lithium grease to the valve stem and worked it in and out several times. This freed up the valve considerably. Probably a stop gap measure but since my wet cabinet is so closed in, all I see are the handles and not the whole valve. I would have to take the entire finish plate out of the way to access the valves. I did however have to replace the T handle as it had broken.


Since many coaches are closed in thusly, they ARE different from many other forms of RV's so this is an appropriate location for a discussion of Class A dump valves.

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Hi. I realize I'm a little late in the discussion. But both my gray and black valves in my Monaco were leaking from the stem handle and replaced both. The seals on the tank side of the openings were actually ripped and a piece missing. Considered replacing only the seals but the new valves (vatera) felt more sturdy that the old tropics that came with the coach.

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