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Freightliner dash strobbing


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I started my class A diesel pusher up on Saturday, lifted jacks, suspension activated, let run for approx. 30 minutes and then turned off, released suspension air, put jacks back down and leveled. Everything seemed fine. Tuesday the dash was strobing without the engine on.Tried to start engine and there is no power to start, strobe continues.

Called Freightliner, said computer needs to be reset. Tried to direct us to proper location and said pin connectors #10 and #24 to remove, wait and then reconnect to reset. Did not work, still strobing.


By the way, when I first turned key one notch the front jacks came up without me starting the engine. Back jacks stayed down until I turned the power for the jacks on and brought them up.

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Does it seem to be getting a good voltage from the batteries. The last time my coach gave problems starting I had really bad connections on my battery terminals. Cleaning them up properly fixed the problem temporarily. Replacing some terminals and cleaning completely solved the problem on a permanent basis.


On another comment, I have been told that starting my coach in the manner you did then stopping it 1/2 hour later is quite bad for the engine. The experts tell me the coach should be run a few miles to ensure the engine is up to operating temps and the oil has circulated well before stopping it. Just letting you know what I have been told. I am by no means one of those experts.

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The usual recommendation for running any vehicle is to run it long enough that it gets up to operating temperature. It is really better to do that by driving around as that exercises more than just the motor. Starting and stopping before the engine is fully warm can lead to cylinder wear due to fuel washing off the oil on the walls.


If you can't get the computer to reset by jumping pins and it is getting the proper voltages you might try disconnecting the batteries for a few minutes and see if that clears up anything.

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I have had my dash strobe on a few occasions and all I did was turn the key to the on position and back off again. I did not try to start the engine. So far I have not had any problems starting the engine, CAT 3126E in a Freightliner. I would love to know what causes it.

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