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Apple software?

Kirk W

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On my Macbook Pro- All of the Apple Apps plus: Firefox, Chrome, Skype, Google Earth, NeoOffice, Toast, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, printer/scanner software.


On my Ipad- Apple supplied Apps,, many free news apps, google earth, gmail, pillow, Skype, Pages, Kindle reader, PDF, gas buddy, Bump, Drudge, Facebook, Photoshop Express, Google Drive, Rest Stops, several campground apps, Speedtest, Red Laser, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Banking Apps, National Parks, Weatherbug, Twitter, Sketch, Messenger, Altimeter, MyVerizion, Pilot, A&E, and some special interest apps. All were free except Pages and Photoshop Express.


Iphone- about the same as the iPad except for phone calling apps. iPad is Wifi only.


Hope this helps.

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For the MacBookPro (most used) - Microsoft Office 2008, Dreamweaver, Photoshop & Lightroom from Adobe, Skype, Garmin Basecamp, FileMaker Pro, Toast Titanium.


For the iPad & iPhone - here is a PDF of the latest list: iPad Apps.


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For you Mac users, how about a list of which software & applications you would select as must have if you were new to the Apple world?


If you currently have a PC, then you can probably use almost all of your PC software.


To do this, buy Parallels for Mac. I run the complete MS Office Suite (yep, and Access, too), Photoshop, FrameMaker, etc. (BTW, if you don't have MS Office, use Open Office.)


Then I can just switch back and forth from Mac to PC as Parallels allows you to access files from both operating systems. Otherwise, I'd have to shell out thousands for the Mac software versions (if available).



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Since there's no more Streets & Trips, the Mac app Road Trip Planner is quite handy. Also has a free iPhone companion app.


Just got the email, my Mac Air 13 is in and ready for pickup!!


I use MS Streets and Trips today, and it is on my wifes PC so it's not going away. That being said, sooner or later I need to choose a new route planning software.


How is Apples mapping vs say Google mapping vs what MS S&T has been using? Are they all, except Google, all updated from the same mapping companies that feed Garmin and other GPS devices?


I'm going to take my time adjusting to Apple. Will look into the Parallel as I have many years of MS items saved.


Looking forward to this opportunity to learn!


Best to all,


Be safe, have fun,


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As a Mac user I looked for options similar to MS Streets & Trips but didn't really like anything I found specifically for the Mac, sure I could use Parallels & S&T but I really don't like Parallels and after MS announced they were discontinuing S&T decided to keep searching.


I came across a web based planner, RV Trip Planner, it is a paid subscription service but I love it, been using it for almost two years. You build a profile for your coach and your preferences, [e.g. height, weight, length, travel speed, hours or miles driven per day, etc.], identify which campground you prefer and then once your profile is completed you plan. Create a new trip, add your start and destination points and the software lays out the route based on your profile preferences. Assuming the trip is several hundred/thousand miles you zoom in, the planner will draw radius circles based on your preferences, look for the desired stop point for the day and look for campground meeting your preferred campgrounds.


Give it a try, I think you'll like what you see!!

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