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I just started using this as the default search in Safari on my Macs, iPhones and iPads. Pretty happy so far.


Here is the wikipedia link that explains their approach to privacy.


I dumped Google for Bing some time ago after their use of gmail content came to light, but was never very happy with results. This looks promising.

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The only downside to using DDG (and, to a lesser extent, Bing) is that Google indexes far more pages than any of its competitors. I have an analytic program on all my sites (Piwik, if you're interested) that give me a far deeper view into who visits my sites and what they look at (plus where they are, how often they've visited, how many pages they have read and which pages, where they've come from and even where they go when the leave my site). Google always shows up indexing 4 or 5 times more than any other search site. Bing is second.


This is not much of an issue if you just take the first page of a search result but if you are looking deeper into the results it can be significant. (And, at least with Google and Bing, you have to look deeper just to get past the paid results.)


However I do use DDG on occasion.



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I find that the paid results in Bing are well outlined at the top two inches or so and the regular ones are still usually 4/5ths of the first page. I have been accused of promoting Windows which is nuts but we do have some "experts" here who think their turf is threatened or some such. They bring in their friends to all say nanny nanny boo boo level trolling, I kid you not.


I decided that switching between Mozilla products and Windows browsers and emails with every other quarter MozillaFF more vulnerable then IE I decided that since MS Office has always done what I want, and that I like IE and Outlook in Office, to stick with all MS. MS also allows opting out of tracking and phoning home which is heresy for Google, the "we read you mail, we listen to your voice calls, we track where you go thinking you are private, " company.


So I use Bing as my wallpaper that changes their great daily images, and I use them for my home page in IE. My email is Outlook. Security is not a chore, I use only Windows Defender. I no longer do scans unless alerted. My protection works as I have had two alerts, and ten or fifteen in the last year stoppages of a website warning that IE closed the page because of danger. IT was never that important. They were usually links to articles from Yahoo Finance page checking my stock. I am switching that to Bing finance pages too. Already set them up and have both but Yahoo is becoming a liability. I have no issue with the folks using other programs, other OS' the works. MS has blown one update three times in a row now but by and large they have a much better track record than some of the antimalware programs that locked up user computers, I no longer infect my computers with Symantec. No issues with other preferring other OS' It is their money, and like me, they should buy whatever makes them happy.


But my life is much simpler. I never ran scans regularly afraid I have been infected like some do, and only do images once a month now. I am even backing up important docs and pics to my Onedrive account and access it from all my Windows computers and tablets and Windows 8.1 phone. My phone even has Office, in addition to sassy Cortana my personal assistant.


I used to run DR DOS until Windows 95 came out and then ran GEOWORKS for Windows for a couple of years as it was faster and did true multitasking without crashing.


DDG is excellent but again, all my updates are done together from one source once a month, except when they screw one up which has been done a lot less than some others have had.


I am all Microsoft all the time. I try new things like Aero and DDG. They are fine. I always know where I stand with MS as they might scrabble for a day or two but they always man up and say they are having a problem, they don't delete support pages or remain silent about serious issues like some users losing all their data or taking two years before they admit to defective hardware.


My hardware is with my vendor and I like it that way. When one starts to be come arrogant or ignorant on customer service I can change on my next systems. And I do.


Windows 10 is a complete unknown. I am going to use it as soon as available on one of my systems and then see.

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Duck Duck Go just seems so basic. But I've been using it on my desktop exclusively, staying with Bing on my tablets and backup desktop. It is growing on me and I like the simplicity much more now that images and video results are there now too.


I like it more each time I use it. I might move my tablets there too. Thanks again!

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