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10 acres in Missouri's Ozarks


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We have our place listed with a local Realtor, so if our place is of interest to you you will need to work with her.


We have a 2,000 square foot house on 10 acres of land. The house is four bedrooms, two bathrooms, formal dining room. The oversize garage is "attached" to the house in that the roof is tied together, but no weight is actually on the house wall (garage was added later). The garage also has a large shop in it. There is a rock pad next to the house that would be fine for a towable (30A service there) but a bit light for a heavy MH.


We're in Dallas County, MO, just south of Urbana. There are several lakes within 30 minutes and Branson is about 80 miles south of us.


Listed price is $90,000.


Email or PM me with questions.

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Here's the link: http://www.century21maddux.com/properties-search/details/?offset=10&page=2&mlsnum=472548&from=properties-search&code=Property%20&fromfields=&min_price=0&max_price=0&city=Any&zipCode=Dallas&min_sqft=Any&beds=4&baths=2&type=Any&acre=Any


I didn't know whether that would be permitted here or not. There is an Open House this Sunday, but I don't know the time. If you're going to be in the area and want to check it out in person I'm sure that you can find out from the office. I'm deliberately not putting the agent's name or number out here for safety reasons (a Real Estate agent was murdered not too far from us recently).

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The term "mobile home" is deprecated. Search for "definition of house" using Google:


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    "the museum houses a collection of Roman sculpture"
    synonyms: contain, hold, store; More
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+1 on the remarks.


I have seen 100x50 lots in RV resorts for more money than this 10 acres complete with a home and a place to park an RV. All within easy driving distance of Florida. I have more money than that into my shop/apartment that will be our summer home-base. The idea of having a home-base where you can take a break, change the oil and filters, and not be too far from winter sunshine is certainly an attractive one to me.



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