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Full timers who do you use for insurance?


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This has been discussed at great length over the last several years and the options may have changed. There are a number of viable options.


We needed coverage for our HDT and 5ver in 2013 and looked at Blue Sky, Farm and City, American Adventure, and another one that I don't remember the name of right now. We also contacted Progressive (who supplies our auto and motorcycle coverage) and were told HDT tandem tractor coverage and full-timer coverage were not available. Our policy had previously been through Grange Mutual but was expensive and restrictive. Our local agent did some legwork for us and said Progressive supplied full-time coverage but it was custom written and only supplied through American Adventure Insurance. I had never heard of them but they were well rated and can supply coverage for about any type rv you want including boats, ATV's, dirtbikes, motorcycles, ultralights, etc. We had to supply pictures and VIN's and asked a lot of the questions recommended on the forum several years ago. I thought the bill would come from AAI but it does say Progressive on it. We have had no claims so I can't say how well it works yet. We were required to contact them and send them written notice when we went from part-time to full-time earlier this year. If I remember right, the cost went up about $200/yr total for the tractor and trailer. The contact info is listed below....Estelle was my initial contact point and quote generator.


Good luck and keep us posted on what you find out and who you go with.


Estelle Hunt: (888) 930-3680 x460; Estelle@americanadventureinsurance.com
Kim Coon: 888-930-3680 Ext. 463; kim@aaihelp.com
Kim Castro
Office Manager
805-409-3042 Direct
888-930-3680 Office
866-400-8767 Fax

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Keep in mind, if you get a true "Fulltimers" policy, its a combination of Vehicle and Homeowner type coverages. so yes, it costs more than the typical vehicle only policy


We just graduated to full time, and found our insurance seems really high.

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Hi guys. I am a full timer. I received a message from Allied today that my insurance is up to $1508. It was last period $12xx. Up $300 or so. Two years ago it was $13xx and after having an accident which was clearly not my fault, it had dropped $100. Go figure? Anyhow, tomorrow I will be calling the insurance company. I have a gut feeling I will be changing insurance companies.  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  Louie

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Hi guys. First let me thank you for your responses. I got in touch with FCIS. The gentleman came back with a number of $1191 apples to apples with National General. I can live with that. It looks like that is the direction I will be going.  Again, thank you.  Louie

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We have had Allied for several years and have had several claims.  Settling the claims has always been easy and to our satisfaction.  What you pay for insurance is one thing, but how they handle claims is equally important for us.

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