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Need Dentist in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

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Need Dentist in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

I'M researching into Dentist I need names and your feelings(no pun intended) on the Dentist.
I know this has been talked about before, but not Nuevo Progreso that I found.

So thanks for you replies. I know some will share why I shouldn't and I appreciate that also!

That's why there is forum for all to share.
But I do need some names.

So please post about Dentist in Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

Please supply at least the Name and web site if they got it.

Thanks Just Don


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I like to practice searching and found this thread with 44 posts that may be of assistance:




Here is Post#39


My dentist in Nuevo Progresso is Dr. Joel Bocanegra, D.D.S., and I was there for 3 visits in April, 2012. He was professional, kind, gentle in manner and touch, spoke English and kept me advised at each step of the treatment process (I like to know what's happening and what to expect). My husband asked about sterilization of implements, etc., and he gave us an answer that satisfied our general concerns. He gave me two options and a quote for each, explained pros and cons for each, and in the end charged exactly what he quoted us. I opted for extraction and bridge rather than an implant and am very happy with the result.



Good luck.

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JM thanks for your help sounds like a good Dentist

I felt like that got way off topic and a war of words.

Poor OP was trying to get info in 2011 and ambushed.

But every one has opinions.

I was hoping to find better info and newer like your info.

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Just Don,

Post #39 was my wife's post and this place is good. I have used him and we are pleased.


We were just in Progresso last month getting our meds filled again. I drive there (but I always drive in Mexico), but you can park on the US side and walk across the bridge (one of the shortest bridges into Mexico). His office is in the tall Angel building down about 4 blocks on the right hand side.

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Hero Maker nice rig.


Thanks for the referral.

In Texas implants $16000 dentures $6000. I now know why there is so many toothless people.

Who can afford that..


Thanks for the reply


She was great with all the info. I will call and talk to them..


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These articles may answer why there are so many toothless people:

Causes and Consequences of Tooth Loss


More Elderly Keeping Their Natural Teeth


The top five surveyed with the healthiest oral hygiene in older adults were:

1. Utah


2. California, Colorado


3. Hawaii


4. Minnesota


5. Arizona


Those states reporting most loss of teeth in older adults:

1. Kentucky, West Virginia


2. Tennessee


3. Mississippi


4. Louisiana


5. North Carolina, Oklahoma




The standards and practices of dental offices varies in each state: Dental Hygienist Licensing Requirements by State


The History of Dentistry Click Here for the complete article

Interestingly enough, the professionals who were doing these extractions during the middle ages were not medical authorities, but barbers. These partially trained hair cutters began using a “Dental Pelican” in the 14th century and then a “Dental Key” to extract teeth from their patients’ mouths. Both of these tools were similar to and the precursor to modern day forceps. These barbers were not full time dentists, but in fact, their work was focused solely on removing any infected teeth for alleviating pain purposes, not preventive care...


Surprisingly, most Americans did not pick up on the dental trend to brush their teeth until after World War II. The soldiers stationed abroad brought the concept of good dental health back to the states. Now, most Americans not only focus on the health aspects of keeping their teeth clean, but many are just as concerned with the cosmetic appearance as well. Times have changed!



We have used this website many times to verify a MD or DDS in our travels:


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Don, so sorry for the loss of your father. I'm sure that this holiday season is very challenging for you. We almost lost my Dad around the same time, and we are very grateful for every day we still have him.


As for up-to-date info on dentists in Nuevo Progreso, should you return to the area, we visited Dr. Bocanegra again today on an emergency visit. He was able to see us within 90 minutes of our call, and we had an hour drive to get there. There are just a few changes since my last post on the subject. Augustin ("Gus") is the current front office person and he speaks English well. Dr. Bocanegra practices at one location only now, which is the tall building about 4 blocks from the bridge, on the southwest corner. You can see it when you cross.


Dr. Joel Bocanegra, D.D.S.


Ave. Juarez No. 301-B Angel's Building 3rd. Floor

Nvo. Progreso, Tamps, Mexico

U.S. Phone: (956) 373-7323

MEX Phone: (011 52) 9 37 01 33 ext. 119

HERO Maker needed a broken tooth extracted and we were quoted $50 if it's a simple extraction; $80 if it required surgery. Rock needs a week on antibiotics before it can be pulled, but Dr. Bocanegra smoothed out the rough edges so he's not in pain. Exam, x-ray, and temporary fix was $30. We'll find out if that's part of the original quote or additional.


What hasn't changed is cash is still the only option here.


Here's a page with my original post (#39 rocksbride):



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Well where back on track on going to RGV!

We will be staying in Weslco for 2 months hope it's not to late for a appointment.


Now to pick from the great info every one has given.

I'll report back.


Now to find out about the meds.. How long do the last and do they do mail order..

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Same drugs that are here, are down there. Brand or generic. We get all ours down there.

No mail order. By someone's law (not always enforced) you are only supposed to bring 30 days worth of meds per crossing. But you can be legal and get a whole years worth by just crossing 12 times! Probably why the law is not enforced very much. You will like the savings. I ran low on something I usually have plenty of, since I am down here twice a year, so I had to go to my old Sam's Club pharmacy that I used to go to before purchasing everything across the border. I was just a little shocked when I was charged $254 for something I used to get for @ $170, and I get south of the border for $50. I was about two weeks short of being back down here, and it really hurt the pocket!

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Hero Maker

Great info. I was hoping I could get a year.. Do you need a prescription or just your bottle. I'd save on doctor visits can't convince one I'm not coming back for a year. Dw thinks meds won't last that long. I'm going to Alaska next summer figure having a year would be a good thing.

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Bringing your bottle would be good just to make sure you get the right stuff. No other paperwork needed.


The stuff I use needs to be refrigerated and the bottles have exp. dates on them. The ones I picked up the other day were dated for 2017!


Ask you local guy if you could buy a year's worth of pills from him, if there would be any problems? He should be able to give you correct info. After all, you paid for it all this time in the past.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I went to

Mustre D.D.S. Dental Clinic

Ave. Benito Juarez
1/2 Block from International Bridge
Nuevo Progreso, Tamps.


Was very impressed first time I have ever been to a dentist with out

betting hurt and not wanting to go again. Had 4 titanium post 2 hours

and only thing really bothered me was my tongue. Following days I

didn't need pain pills but took one because wife wanted me to.

Really impressed. It is a very busy office 6-8 dentist 3 surgeons.

Place is busy but lot of dentist offices weren't I'd rather go to busy

One place had the dentist on side walk trying to hustle business.

For treatment in states 17000 to 30000, in Mexico new dentures

and post $8220..

Far as buying meds I bought 14 boxes two different types and

all the Boarder Patrol said just declare them he looked through the bag

and said see you later. One med cost me $230 a month

in USA only $7.20 for 28 days there and I see no difference.

Asked the Dentist where he suggested them..

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