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First pull with 2015 VNL 730


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Well, got a chance to hook up the new truck with RV this past weekend. Just wanted to thank Gregg at RV Haulers for getting me on the road after a long day of work we had to do. Anyway, truck is very quiet and smooth...Bose seats are incredible. Had a great time with friends and family and took truck back to Gregg today so he can continue with the rear deck build. One of my boys and I took our 100 ft tape measure from front of bumper to end of RV and came out right on 72 ft. Here are a few pictures.











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It looked like an MDT on my phone. Is it a lower cab height, or does it just look lower because it's so long? I am still not familiar with the different sizes. Google to the rescue-730 is a mid-height sleeper. I'm learning!

I saw your old MDT. Did you have a larger engine in it?

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Thanks for all the nice comments. Will continue to work with Gregg to get the deck done ASAP so I can get in a few trips this season. I'll post a picture of the SC that will go on the back hydraulic loader.


BB, The last MDT I had did have quite a bit smaller engine. It was a Cummins 8.3L (330/1000) which I tuned up to 400/1250. The Volvo 730 has a 13L (500/1850 engine).



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