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Escapees Boot Camp


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You are correct and Boot Camp is a GREAT place to get information and an RV education!! We have camped for many years and RV'd for the last couple of years and decided to attend a boot Camp prior to launching full-time. It was an enlightening experience and answered questions we didn't even know we had. From the experience, we have generated checklists, learned about tire safety, been weighed, updated our CO and smoke alarms, swapped out fire extinguishers, cycled our escape windows, and learned a lot about water systems and electrical power safety. And Joan still wants to go to the RV Driving School.....we just have to get it done. And I could probably use a checkride myself.


Anyone that is looking at RV'ing, or has never researched or dug into their RV infrastructure, should consider attending Boot Camp. You won't know how much you don't know until you attend one.

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