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Found - WTB King Dome 9762 LP In-Motion Dish

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I am in Lewisville, just north of DFW Airport. As of September 2009, my custom-built Optima MH42 RV/Coach/Radio Broadcast Remote Unit came new from the factory with (at that time) the latest model KingDome. It was originally programmed for DirecTV. That was coincidental to the timing when DirecTV switched the majority of its HD programming to Ka band birds. So I re-programmed the KingDome to DISH and used it for only about 3 months. Then I had Bill Adams install a Travl'r on DISH at the same time he installed my MotoSat XF-3 Ku uplink,,,and never used the in-motion KingDome again. Not 100% sure if what I have is the exact model you seek, but I'll describe it:


DISH Network capable

Single LNB (one satellite at a time)

White Dome

Two coax cables, serving 2 TVs, one considered "Master", the other "Slave"

"Slave" must be watching a channel on the same bird as the "Master", otherwise no signal on "Slave"


If this sounds like the unit you are looking for, it's available. Currently my coach is at the alternate S&B about 100 miles west of Dallas, near Gordon, TX (7R Ranch, in case you are familiar with the area). Coach has always been stored indoors except for a 3 month during 2013 while thenew S&B was being built...so UV and weather exposure has been minimal. The coach only has 36k miles on it, so as you can tell, it has lived in a controlled environment most of its short 5 year life, and does so probably 330 days each year.


Feel free to contact me via PM here, or by email at mike@simpson.org to discuss further if interested.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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