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Everything went well with our sale and we are currently in an rv park until Sept when we leave here for our big adventure.  Our house sold in one day and closed in 3 weeks so we were full time on May 1. What a whirlwind it has been but things are beginning to calm down.

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Wishing all who are just starting this year our very best.  We started in 2012 and have had a wonderful life with it for 5 great years.  Sadly, just as you guys are starting, we are having to quit for health reasons.  This is a wonderful group and as I'm sure you've found with other areas on the forum, many very helpful "old timers" are always willing to answer any question you may have -- and there's no such thing as a "stupid question" when you're in the learning mode!!

Safe travels!  Sharon

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After our massive estate sale over the weekend I am please to announce that we have NOTHING left. I am now officially living (sleeping) in the fifth-wheel although still cooking and hanging out in the house (where it is cooler) until Friday when I move the trailer to a friend's house where I will stay for 6 weeks before heading to southern Utah for the winter.

I got my solar panels installed this morning (finally) and will be struggling with getting them all wired in over the coming month. If anyone with solar install knowledge happens to be in Wyoming in August, I'd appreciate some instruction.

This is finally real!

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I've been following this board for a couple years but haven't written lately. We are both 62. We too sold everything in an estate sale last February and began living in our new 5th wheel while we finished working. We began living in an RV park nearby. Our home sold in 9 days in April. I retired May 31st.... everything was going as planned. Then my husband was told he had an enlarged aorta. No heart disease, no cholesterol issues etc. Just an aorta that was very close to rupturing! So, the beginning of June he had open heart surgery to replace his aorta. He did not retire as planned. He is doing great and completely recovered! He's back at work the month of August and will retire August 30th. THEN, with a 3 month delay... we will begin our travels!! First stop is Tennessee for a week long RV rally, learning about full time travel in an RV. Then to West Virginia to meet up with our daughter. Then... wherever the road takes us! Next Spring we head to Newfoundland! We love our simple lifestyle and are so thankful we didn't have a home/yard to take care of these last few months! Safe travels everyone!

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I guess I should post up since we're now members here and we've ordered our motorhome, a 2018 Newmar Bay Star 3113.  We've been planning this for years.  We sold our house last year but between getting one son off to the Marine Corp, another off to college, selling our house and my dad being in the hospital for 4 months (all better now:D) we put off our plans.  But we weren't in our apartment for a month when we knew we had to go full-timing.

Anyway, our MH will be delivered in mid December and we'll meet it in Las Vegas with a U-haul.  We've got a friend with a warehouse and a gated lot so we can stay there to get loaded.  Then we'll be on the road by the New Year, probably to Twentynine Palms to spend Christmas with our son and his new wife.  Lots to do between now and then.:blink:

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We did it! My wife and I were able to join the ranks of fulll time and the class of 2017 officially on Aug 13th, 2017. We are now calling ourselves Two Wheel Ramblin

We bought our truck & 5th wheel in April this year and then focussed on our house to get it on the market. Memorial Day weekend (May 26th, 2017) started our great house purge along with everything needed to get it on the market which included all new floors and new paint, plus a big yard sale. Exactly 30 days later on June 26th after a solid month of not stop work, we had moved out of our house and put it on the market. 48hrs later, we had multiple offers on our house and accepted a $2k over asking price cash offer. From listing to closing, we sold our house in 25 days and closed on July 21st. 

Since that all hapened so fast with the house and where all our focus had been, we weren't quite ready to get on the road and still had several items on the truck & RV to sort out so we moved in with my parents for a short while and put the RV in a storage lot close by. My wife left her job at the end of July, but I'm taking mine on the road and I had a very busy time towards the end of July. We decided to stick around until Aug 11th which was my software release. After that would be much less stressful on me. 

The final weekend of Aug 12th was a full day of loading the RV and sorting out last minute details. We spent all day getting ready including more time on Sunday, Aug 13th, but managed to pull out around 2pm and make it to TN. It's a small victory, but it feels so good to officially be on the road. We still have a lot to learn, but so far so good! 

The day our house went on the market


We kept the RV had a storage lot once we sold our house, but we needed bring the truck & 5th wheel over to my parent's house to load it up. We started in the street but decided if it was going to be overnight, we better get it in their driveway. It was tough to get this beast into their driveway, but I managed!


We wanted to run the fridge overnight so I had to really drop the front to get it level, but it worked


A rest stop along the way on our first day

It seems like it's been an eternity to get to this point and get on the road, but in actuality this all happened in about 3-4 months from buying the truck & 5th wheel, selling the house, and getting on the road. I think we did pretty goood there. 

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4 hours ago, BlueLghtning said:

I think we did pretty goood there. 

While I think that way too, it is really what you think that matters! Congratulations and welcome to the road! One day you will be amazed to discover that 10 years have flown past and there is so much left to see and do out there. We only managed 12 years before health issues got in our way, but we still manage to live like fulltimers for a few months each year and I really miss the real fulltime lifestyle! 

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I've been in the RV since August 2 but I am officially, finally, on the road...although currently sitting in the RV in the RV repair lot since it was in the shop while I was backpacking last week in the Wind River Range and I didn't have the energy to go anywhere tonight. Tomorrow begins time on the road, and then gotta find work by Nov 1 as I still have bills to pay!

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We are one month in to our full timing and it's going great. We moved around a lot at first and covered a lot of ground to get out to CO right away because we had a vacation planned in there and that gave us hard deadlines to meet. Our vacation is over and we have settled into a nice routine. This past Saturday, we got to a campground in Salida, CO where we'll spend about 3 weeks before heading to the HDT rally, so it's nice to know this is our home for a bit. After that, we'll probably head to the SW for the winter. 

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Doc and I are 2-3 weeks away from going fulltime! Our apartment is nearly empty after many trips to drop off things to charity, selling items to friends and a large yard sale. I have friends coming to pick up our bed, gun safe, freezer and fake Christmas tree tomorrow and then we'll only have some living room furniture left, which is going to charity as we vacate the place. Our lease runs until the end of January, so we are trying like heck to get someone to take it over so that we can get out of dodge before any snow starts in the mountains. We have several interested parties, so we're just hoping that they pass the credit requirements that the apartment mgmt. demands. Otherwise, we will pay the termination fee to get out of the lease- but we are leaving by Mid-October either way!

By biggest concern right now is that the motorhome is going to be overweight with what we are keeping. There is a weigh station at the state line nearby, but I doubt they weigh by wheel. I suppose any weight figure would be helpful at this point. I would definitely appreciate any guidance that could be provided on where to find a place to get a per wheel weight measurement so that we know how to distribute the weight in the rig. I know that the Rainbow parks have that service, but there aren't any near me. I'd hate to have to get a storage unit, both because of the yearly cost and also because I don't know how often we would be coming back here. 

We also are in dire need of new tires. I finally found/figured out the date on the tires on our used class A and was pretty concerned to discover that they were manufactured in 2004. There are some cracks in the sidewalls and some chunks of rubber pealing off the side of the treads, so I don't trust them to get us more than 50 miles. I guess I need to get myself a very quick education on tire types, load capacities... so that I know what to buy. Doc thinks we should just buy the same ones as what's on it, but how do I know that they are really the best for our use and weight without learning first. Again, I would appreciate any guidance or experience in this arena as well.

I know that we are going to make mistakes and some of them will be costly, but I sure would rather not make the mistake on something as expensive and safety important as tires!

I can't wait to write and tell you all that we are on our way!


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We did it!!! We are now officially full-timers. The closing on our home was Friday the 15th. So we are now 5 days in as FTers. We have to stick in the area until I am done with treatments, along with other doctors, dental and eye appointments. Then we are free to go where the wind blows us. Can't wait. 😊

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We started full time on June 1st of this year. We are just 21 days into our fourth month and we love it. If there is a mistake to be made we've done it. If there is an expense we could have avoided, we didn't. But, we're loving it just the same. Check our blog at: www.wanderingtootsies.blogspot.com  Make sure to leave a comment and let us know how were doing with the blog. If you have questions do the same.

Charlie an Martha

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On 9/21/2017 at 4:32 PM, cactus said:


Where ya`at?  Been a while since your last reply!

Hope all is well


All is well. We have had to change our plans.

We won't be hitting the road until April of 2020.

We will be living fulltime in our RV in October 2019.

We are planning on being "RV'ers 365" rather than being "pure" full timers as we own a RV deeded lot in Illinois and have a lot at the SKP co-op in Florida.

Our issue is we need health insurance coverage and are waiting for Medicare. We currently have excellent medical coverage that we have used more frequently than expected. At this stage in our lives we are not willing to gamble with health coverage. Buying private health insurance is very expensive.

We are still putting everything into place to RV 365.

Thanks for asking.




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On 9/20/2017 at 7:19 PM, Doc&Erin said:

My biggest concern right now is that the motorhome is going to be overweight with what we are keeping. There is a weigh station at the state line nearby, but I doubt they weigh by wheel. I suppose any weight figure would be helpful at this point. I would definitely appreciate any guidance that could be provided on where to find a place to get a per wheel weight measurement so that we know how to distribute the weight in the rig. I know that the Rainbow parks have that service, but there aren't any near me. I'd hate to have to get a storage unit, both because of the yearly cost and also because I don't know how often we would be coming back here.

Find a Smart Weigh location - that is a fantastic weighing system.  Well worth it to know what you've got or need to do (like lighten the load?).

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Been on the road for 10 days now and absolutely loving it. Headed south from the RV repair shop with two good jacks and working brakes (almost too good now). Currently in Moab creating some memories and doing adventurous things like canyoneering and zip lining as well as finally exploring Arches and Canyonlands for the first time.

Boondocking on BLM land in a great place with other full-timers although a little further from town than is easily convenient. Still working out kinks and storage but no mistakes or mishaps so far (they mostly happened while parked on home property). The only sucky thing is the wind which keeps blowing out my water heater flame so hot showers have been limited!

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Sounds like your having a great time.  Wife and I are in Capital Reef and heading to Moab tomorrow morning.  Its windy here also and cold, 43 deg now and got down to 28 this morning looking forward to warmer weather in Moab.  We will be boondocking also, hope to find a good spot.  If you see a blue semi pulling a 40' toyhauler stop by and say hello.

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Will do. I have a couple more days here before heading out. It hasn't been super warm here either...48° in the camper this morning, but that's much better than 28°. I am actually heading towards Capitol Reef from here.

There are tons of good boondocking spots north of town suitable for a large rig

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If you need a spot in Capital Reef the place we stayed was pretty good.  I think it was between mile marker 72 & 73 north side of Hwy 24.  A lot of rigs but plenty of room.  A little rocky just off the road but I made it so you shouldn't have a problem.
You say you had a low of 48, I think Capital Reef may have had a high of 48 today.
  We found a spot here in Moab on Willow Springs Road north of town.  Took the quad for a ride and found dinosaur tracks.  Hope to put many a miles on the quad in the days to come.

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