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I understand why people RV with their pets


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We dropped off our family pet last week to my niece in Colorado Springs, who will be "fostering" our dog while we're on the road.


My 7yo son cried for three days. Even the older boys were sad. And I have to admit, I'm a little lost without my little shadow following me around all day long.


For us, we had to do it. We will be RVing with six kids, and I just couldn't fathom having our 55 pound labrador retriever along with us. It's going to be tight enough as it is, let alone with the dog in the camper.


But I know we will be happy when we have her back with us.

Stephen & Karen and our six boys, ages 21, 21, 19, 17, 14, & 11
Stephen - Military retiree (as of summer 2012) & current DOI employee (Big Bend National Park)
Karen - Homeschooling stay-at-home mom & veteran
San Antonio, Texas

Fulltimed May 2013 - July 2014 (yes, all eight of us!)
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Ford F-350 diesel dually - for the camper
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Kinsa Jin is 63lbs of dog. I don't think it would matter if I were alone or not it just would not be the same without him.


Jin sends a wet nose until you get your dog back.

Together we, Ranger and Jin

www.desertbandanna.com - The

Heartland North Country RETS31
2000 Ford F-350 Super Duty, Ext Cab, Dually 4x4, 7.3l diesel.

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I think our poor Bostie Abby would just curl up and die if we had to leave her for any length of time, plus I don't think we would do much better ourselves. We have been together 24/7 since she came home over three years ago at the young age of twelve and a half weeks. In fact the only time she's alone is in the Fiver while we go to the Eagles Nest Cafe at our resort to eat.


I'll bet you guys have a lot of wet sloppy kisses waiting for you when you return home to your canine companion! :)

Headed down the highway longing to see whats beyond the next curve in life.


Walk gently upon Mother Earth and leave no footprint behind.




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I understand your decision but disagree with it. Sure it would have been tight, but if you really wanted to you could have. At least she is staying with “family.”


We had a retired racing Greyhound, and left her in a kennel for one weekend. That dog was so upset at being in a kennel that it took weeks for her to return to normal. I promised her that day that I would never kennel her again.


We never did break that promise although we missed some activities because of it.


She went on to become a therapy dog at Hospice.


When we retired she travelled with us until her passing. I still hear her, time to time, lying down in her “spot.”


Got to go, tears are forming.

Camping Rig:

2005 Dodge 3500 - Dually- Cummins

2006 Outback 27 RSDS


Two rescue dogs: A Catahoula mix & a Chihuahua mix.


Fulltimer since 2006

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We, three weeks ago, lost "Snack", our precious Yorkie who had been with us for more than 15 yrs, thru sickness and health, good times and bad. She was always there. When she died we had to get away so we took off, but found that the motorhome was just as sad. Three weeks were all we could stand, we came home with two yearling Yorkies. They are, without a doubt, THERAPY dogs, and are good at it !


R.I.P. Snack

Dave W. KE5GOH

Stuck in the 70's ---

In E. Texas

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