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Found 9 results

  1. As a new TX resident I attempted to get my Monaco motorhome registered they told me I would have to have it weighed first. They said it was a State requirement - that they could not accept what was on my SD title and registration, or on the manufacturer weight placard. I looked on the TXDOT website and found no such requirement. In fact, in the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual it clearly states that a motorhome is registered as a passenger vehicle and a weight certificate is only required if a weight DECREASE is being requested. It seems to me the county tax office is misinterpret
  2. I'm sure this has been addressed, so I apologize for the question, but I have not found it here. Every single website/worksheet I check gives me a different answer! I am looking for a travel trailer that we can pull legally and safely, but I cannot figure out how big it can be. Please help! Tow Vehicle: 2015 GMC Yukon Denali 6.2 liter, GVWR=7300, GCWR=14000, advertised towing capacity is 8100lbs, max tongue weight rating is 1000 lbs, RGAWR=4200, Curb Weight of TV=5780 I am looking at a Grand Design 2400BH which is 5595 dry and has a GVWR of 7495, but we will not load it with much
  3. Hello, Not sure if this is the right forum. We had our Class A Newmar Bay Star 3401 weighed this week. We are 400 lbs over on the rear axle and 700 lbs under on the front axles. Unfortunately, most of our useable storage is behind the rear wheels. My question is, would payload behind the rear wheels cause the front to be lighter, with the rear axle acting as a fulcrum? I was told no, because, removing or adding a few hundred pounds behind the axle on a 24,000 lb coach would not have any effect. I remember my college statics course, and I do have a formula for calculating the cha
  4. I’m looking for educated feedback on a problem I’m having with having my RV weight. While on our first snowbird trip to Florida, after a 6 weeks stay in a private RV Park, we prepared the RV to be EXACTLY as we would expect to normally travel. Being an Escapee member, we scheduled a stop at an Escapee Weigh station. Having personally weighed most everything that went into the RV (and making some allowances for the items I didn’t weigh) the number came very close to what I expected. My goal was to find out how much weight I had left for a planned solar upgrade.
  5. We have a StarCraft 239TBS Travel Trailer. What kind of weight do you pack on the slide out when it is in the closed position? We know not to open or close the slide out with a bunch of weight on it, but cannot find weight limits for packing for the trip. Thanks for the help!
  6. We're thinking of a new 5th Wheel to replace our Carriage Cameo. It was heavy but I tow it with a Chevy 2500HD Duramax. We were looking to step up to a Mobile Suiites, but the weights are looking like I'm in CDL territory (at least in CT, our present locale). Anyone know of state where we could tow such a rig, with a Duelly with no CDL?
  7. See article - http://www.southbendtribune.com/news/business/nearly-grand-design-rv-trailers-recalled/article_ace0b407-8b7f-528d-8a4b-8a0b3f881431.html
  8. I just happen to run across this breakdown comparison of Lifeline AGM's and various lithium options that I found very interesting and thought I would share. It's broken down into AH's per pound, AH's per cubic foot, pounds per cubic foot and a running comparison of total pounds and cubic feet required for a 1000ah battery bank. Lifeline AGM ---- 1.7 AH/lb , 233 AH/cFT , 137 lb/cFT -\- expanded to 1000AH = 620lb (4.5 cFT) Mastervolt LFP -- 2.6 AH/lb , 213 AH/cFT ,, 80 lb/cFT -\- expanded to 1000AH = 377lb (4.7 cFT) Valence LFP ---- 2.8 AH/lb , 250 AH/cFT ,, 89 lb/cFT -\- expanded to 100
  9. Looking at home built fiver built on a utility trailer. Similar to tiny house type rv. Aside from towing issues, are there any issues with a heavy trailer when it comes time to park? 35 ish foot long with garage for 2500 lb car.
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