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  1. Yes I know I need to read the book for California but can those who have traveled through give me some advice first and save me some time an effort of reading the rules and regulations for that state. Also is Bobtailing all one word or separate Bob tailing? Sorry I don't know, I am ignorant. So in a couple weeks I am traveling to Fontana California, to do some dog training. I am going to Bob tail over. Pamela, my wife, and Oldriska & Viggo our German Shepherds. (not an English teacher my punctuation in that last sentence was awful please forgive me.) Anyway I am headed south on 15 from Vegas and I have to go through the agriculture inspection stand. I don't have a way around it, unless I go over to Parhump then over to California. Anyway Is there anything special I should know. My glad hands are capped and my 5th wheel is gone. I do not have a D.E.F. tank, is that an issue? Also when on the highway, am I limited to 55 mph and only driving in the far right lane? Is there anything else anybody can tell me with out me have to read the manual or just save me a few hours of scratching my head and saying what in the @#$% does that mean. Thanks! Later, Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana
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