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Found 4 results

  1. Our Fleetwood Expedition, 2008, is reflecting an unusual state. All tanks (black, gray, fresh, propane) reflect full but I know all the water tanks are less than half full. The propane is close to full. And both the main and auxiliary batteries reflect under 5 volts, which I am sure is also false as both the engine and generator start fine. We are plugged into 30 amp camp power that worked fine for the first 10 days here. The shore power reflects 126 volt incoming. We did have bad house batteries a month ago but the symptoms experienced with that issue were not what we are seeing now. With bad batteries the refrigerator gave a low DC warning and the lights dimmed over time or with increased draw. Other than the tank and battery displays mentioned above there are no visible problems. Our frig is working with no errors showing, our lights, tv, 120 volt outlets all appear to be functioning. I have run the generator with no change in display status. I have unplugged and turned off both battery systems, then tried the generator again with no help. I have reset the inverter/charger again with no change to display status. I am not an electrician and don't know where to go next with this. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. I'm looking to replace or trade my Onan 5k propane generator for a 7k or more diesel Could be a Kabota lowboy, as it will set on the truck bed. The current one runs great, just looking to upgrade if possible NW Ohio
  3. First time poster. I’m hoping to get a bit of insight from those with conversion experience, for a business I’m starting up. I’m currently converting a double decker bus (Volvo B7TL) to deck it out as a shop. I’m interested in how much power I would need to light and heat the thing, and the best way of getting an external power supply. The bus was powered by two twelve volt batteries, but my intention is to set up an external supply. We will need to power: - Inbuilt lighting (standard fitting) - Already fitted CCTV - Already fitted bus heating - Electronic devices (lap-top, IZettle electronic till, 32 inch TV screen, 3-4 small electric devices, e.g - cameras, battery charges for IPhones’ and camera batteries) I want to know if a domestic power supply will be enough to power it all, and if anyone could give me a rough idea of what the wattage would be? And how / how easy it would be to wire it all together? The bus will be static. Would also be great to know how much solar energy I would need, and any advice about setting that up. Any feedback would be most helpful, so thanks in advance for your responses.
  4. We're staying long-term at a campground where we just moved into our new 5th wheel. I purchased a Progressive Technologies EMS to protect the new RV. Much to my dismay, every evening, sometimes beginning sometime between midnight at 3AM, the EMS kills power to the RV due to a high voltage condition. The EMS is reporting a voltage of up to 133 volts - I've seen this on both legs; but typically only one leg is at 133 volts where the other might be at 130 or so. Of course, the campground is totally unwilling to invest any real troubleshooting into the problem, but I suspect one of their transformers is probably delivering too high of a voltage and during the day, when everyone is using lots of electricity, the voltage drops to acceptable levels. At night, when everything is off except air conditioners, the load is reduced on the faulty transformer and our voltage creeps up. The only thing the campground did after complaining was to send a security officer out with a digital multimeter to check the voltage of our pedestal - during the day when we don't have the problem. His meter's reading matched pretty closely what the EMS was reporting, so that made me feel a little better in knowing that maybe the problem is real and not just a faulty EMS. (When I checked with my low-end radio shack meter, I was seeing voltages about 4 volts less than what the EMS was reporting). Being a bit of an electronics enthusiast myself, I am mostly familiar with DC components and systems, but in that realm, it is not uncommon to have voltage regulators that can take a higher voltage input and regulate them to a lower, consistent voltage output. I've been searching for a similar concept to use in RV applications; but the only thing I'm finding are "voltage regulators" that BOOST low voltages; they appear to be of no use for slightly high voltages. I know that even if such a device did exist, it isn't the "right" solution -- that would be for the campground to fix their problem; however, they probably won't do anything about it, and I'm in a bit of a pickle because we're not in a position to move somewhere else just yet. Any suggestions?
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