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Found 4 results

  1. My wife and I have been looking at options for the upcoming winter travel to AZ and are liking the idea of renting a RV lot that has a casita or Arizona room and possibly a RV cover/awning. We like the idea of having a pseudo "home base" that allows us to hang out in between short trips to visit other places. We feel this will be a good compromise from full time nomadic travel in camp spots; which we're not sure will work for a 3+ month period. We found Happy Trails and the real estate agency that handles their RV lot rentals. We will be contacting them Monday to get some further details. Surprise, AZ is centrally located and seems like a good first timer option? I'd be interested to hear from others who rent RV lots and anyone with firsthand experience with Happy Trails. RV Park Reviews website gives them pretty high rating. Also any suggestions on other RV parks that offer monthly/seasonal rental of lots with covers would be appreciated.
  2. Hey all! The husband and I are due to pick up our motorhome on Tuesday. We have a place to store it for a month (or more if needed) to get all the this's and that's we need (got our first order today, sidewinder, water hose, water filter etc...) I am a writer and will continue to work from our RV, the husband will have to quit the job he has now, but is an actor and picks up gigs here and there (hoping to take a fun trip to LA now and again). We've been able to solve/adapt to most of the problems that have come up in planning this new, crazy lifestyle we want to lead, but there is one issue we might need some help with. Right now, our most reliable car is my Kia, but it is an automatic transmission. It is light enough to be good for flat towing, but my research has indicated we will need to have some kind of lubricating system installed. I'm wondering if that will be worth it. We've also looked into purchasing a used towing trailer, though that comes with its own drawbacks. I almost think we need to buy a manual, but we just financed our RV and I am wary to try and finance another vehicle. I'd like to go with the cheapest option, but hope that the cheapest will also be the smartest. What do you think? (And thank you! I am so excited to learn from this forum!)
  3. We have made it thus far staying in Apache Junction Az today. Looking for a safe passage way to San Fran., We have not enjoyed the steep mountains so far and don't want to spend another day crawling up a grade behind a big rig and then burning our brakes on the descent if possible. We made the mistake of getting on NM 15 near Gila NM, but that is another story. We would hope to leave here on I 10 to Quartzite Az and the North on Ca 95 to Needles. Then CA 62 to 395? The I 40 to Barstow? Then take 395 north? or continue to Bakersfield? Or Ca 99? or I 5 to San Fran? or ? I do not want to be any where near the LA traffic. Thanks for all the info. We are still interested in finding a state park near San Fran and we will rent a car to visit places of interest. The Lost Dutchman SP is awesome. When I grow up I want to travel in a RV. Seeya,
  4. Hello, My husband and I have made some of the 1st steps to going full time. We are stationary for now, however we plan to be on the road by late fall of 2016. We are working full time jobs to save and buy our 1st rig. We recently sold everything we had (luckily we hadn't bought a house yet) and moved from AZ to MI (family is letting us live out here for free while we work to save) As of now we are thinking a lightweight 16' pull behind. The rig we are looking at is a 1969 Holiday Rumbler. I know its old, I also am aware that with an older rig we may not get into some of the campgrounds. However, our hopes are to fix the old camper up and make it full time ready. I figure if the rig looks nice and restored they should have a problem (please correct me if I'm wrong on that). The camper itself looks to be in good shape from what we've seen (we are going to see it in person next week). Needs paint, flooring, Murphy bed, energy efficient appliances, and a new wet bath. Basically, I want to modify it to be a tiny house. As for a tow vehicle, we are not sure on what we should do. We will not be taking out any loans for a new truck. We are willing to sell our car, save money to get a nicer used truck. We have never needed much just each other and our pups. We will be workcamping and getting part time jobs if needed when we travel. We're just looking for advice on any of the topics above. Thank you so much and hope to hear back
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