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Found 10 results

  1. Wow where has the time gone! The past year has been amazing but it was not without it's trials and tribulations. Rv Living is very rewarding but at the same time lot's of work. Rv Newbie? You should defiantly watch this video before you get into full-time RV Living. We have learned so much in the past year and thought it would be great to put all the information into one video. Talking about the highs & low's, the do's and don'ts and overall what Rv life is all about. Hopefully this video brings you some value, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and turn on the notifications!
  2. Hello! My husband and I are new to the RV life and are looking to purchase our first camper van. We plan to live in it full time for the next 10 months and take it all across North America. So far we have been drawn to Class B vans that are 21' or less. Yesterday we looked at a used 1999 Road Trek 170 on a Dodge Chassis. It has seen some wear but has had many things replaced and drives well. We took it on the freeway and up a hill and felt good about how it was running. Overall we really liked it and for $10,000 the price seems right. However, it has been well used and has 260K miles on it. At 170 miles the engine was rebuilt. We have not had a chance to get a third party to look at it yet and wanted to see if we could get some advice from the community. At that amount of miles is it really a good idea for our needs?
  3. A little bit about us. I’m Patty, from Chicago originally. I’ve done a lot of car camping but never in an RV. My husband, Esam, is mechanically inclined. He has never been to America and it's going to be amazing to see America again through his eyes! I’m right now in Egypt and will be on my way to New York in a few weeks to help my best friend, Sue, when she is released from the nursing home where she is recovering in after getting her leg amputated from a rare bone disease. My husband will follow at the end of the year hopefully. We’re all between 48-56. My stuff is all in storage in Idaho and Sue’s stuff is in storage in Maryland. It seems a perfect time to take off because we don’t have a house or an apartment. We hope to downsize both our storages and get rid of what we don’t need. Our budget is about 40,000 to 50,000 with some room for fixes and our combined monthly resources will not be that high so we will want to boondock often and consider my husband and I working seasonally. Sue and I make jewelry that we plan to make and sell on the road at festivals and other venues. Sue is an artist making jewelry from paper. She’s been busy making beads the whole time she has been in the hospital. She is doing phenomenal at walking again. The physical therapist said she has begun walking faster than any other person he helped! She has a great attitude and spirit and I think it’s going to be just fine for her to RV with us with a few modifications. I am very partial to 5th wheels. I thought we could buy a used 5th wheel and a used truck to pull it. The problem is that we can’t use the truck to sightsee because Sue needs a wheelchair and a scooter and hand controls. The wheelchair and scooter can’t get wet. It would be hard for her to get in and out of the truck also. What we want to do is get a 5th wheel that my husband tows while Sue and I follow behind in our 2015 Subaru Forester. I’m afraid that many campgrounds don’t allow you to have a third unit. For us, it really is a need and not a want to have a car that Sue can be comfortable in as a passenger or driver. Are we forced to get a Class A or C? Is it possible to talk to people at parks to let us park our truck somewhere while we are using the Subaru to get around? But if it’s going to be a huge hassle we’ll have to consider an A or C. I guess we could also consider a travel trailer and a van that could hold her scooter and wheel chair. Any advice is welcome! One extra issue with getting an RV to consider is that we want to have a table in the RV that we can have 2 office chairs at to make jewelry. I was thinking this could be done by removing a bunk bed, moving a dining booth or a couch. But we also need 2 beds for the 3 of us. Does anyone have any suggestions? We’d like to stay under 35 feet. So I’m hoping for answers and suggestions! Thank you so much!
  4. Hello! I’ve never done a forum post before, so I’m unsure how this works. I’m very young and have been traveling from state to state due to my Dad’s job for a long time. I don’t have many belongings, and I have close friends all over the U.S. that I’ve gained from consistent online interaction and convention meetings. I absolutely love experiencing new things and traveling, and I’ve never felt particularly attached to one place, but I don’t go outside very much due to work and school taking up my current time. I’d like to visit these friends, meet new people, and see new and exciting places! I’ve been working with Escapees for a little over a year now, and I’ve been feeling very envious of their lifestyle. Seeing as businesses are moving more online, and I’m a very tech savvy hard worker, I feel like I have a good chance working successfully from an RV. At my current pace I should be done with college before or by the time I turn old enough to legally rent a motor home. However, I don’t know where to begin. I have SKP friends that have told me that transitioning to the lifestyle takes a lot of work and preparation. I am absolutely positively ready to save up and work towards this goal, but at the moment my only knowledge is that it’s difficult, pricey, you need training in multiple areas, and very little belongings. Where do I begin? I have years to prepare, but how should I start? Secondly, do you guys think my goal is unrealistic or too ill-informed? Please, let me know what you recommend, I'd like to hear more opinions aside from my idealized view of traveling!
  5. Hello all, new to the site and new to RVing. Have been doing a little bit of research as I'm looking for a TT for occasional travel. The intended use is to travel over long holiday weekends, maybe a week or two occasionally. It's just my wife, two small dogs, and myself. I'm pulling with a 2016 Chevy Silverado LT 1500 with the 5.3 V8 RWD. For the TT I'm looking to stay around 22' and I've narrowed it down to a few: Forest River Flagstaff Microlite 21FBRS (Rockwood 2104S) Forest River Flagstaff Microlite 21DS (Rockwood 2109S) Livinlite Camplite CL16DBS Forest River Flagstaff Microlite 19FBS (Rockwood 1909S) Very little difference between these, mostly layout and those with a bigger slide-out weigh a little more. So my questions are these: Between 21FBRS and 19FBS, the only difference is the bed facing either NS or EW. This saves a foot in length. Is that extra foot worth it? Advantages/disadvantages between U-dinette or sofa & table (21FBRS vs 21DS). Are there any other TT that I should be considering? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, we have a 2004 Damon daybreak class a motorhome with a F450 chassis. We kept it in a storage lot for a few weeks and when we came back to it today all of the batteries were dead the chassis battery as well as the coach battery. We were able to get a jump from a good Samaritan who also happen to be somewhat of an RV expert and informed us that the battery in our chassis was not meant for an RV, in his words it was a car battery. I'm OK with buying a new battery that's better manufactured to support our RV, but what kind of battery is that? What do you all suggest? Thank you !
  7. This doesn't bode well...but I am not sure if I am an Escapee or an Xscaper...I am semi-retired, so yes, still working. I am having trouble navigating the site but since I am here, I will take the time to introduce myself. You all are Escapees - which means retired folks? Single gal, 51, with 2 amazing tiny dogs named Bug n Bean. I've been a lifelong renter and came to hate it. This last time around was it. I packed up my rental house here in Northern California (Grass Valley) and put everything in 2 storage units. Since December of 2016, I have sold 50% of my belongings and am down to one 10x12 storage unit. My "dream" TT (travel trailer) "showed up" on Monday and I am headed to Phoenix to buy it and have it shipped to Grass Valley. It will be parked on the street, while I pack up and move out of my current granny unit and next Friday, it will be moved to our local Nevada County Fairgrounds RV Park for 4 days...then, onto a friends property. You are correct - i do not have a tow vehicle as of yet! Did I mention I am freaking OUT? I literally know nothing about a travel trailer, hook ups, 12 V, 20 Amps, solar panels, 2000i Honda generators or black water tanks. Here is my question: What do I NEED ON DAY ONE in the RV park? Consider, I have nothing but the trailer...oh, and it is hot here. 90's, so AC is a must. Thank you in advance...here are my pups, Bug n Bean:
  8. Warm Greetings from NH! My name is Claudia and my partner is Rowan. We are in our 30s & 40s and are both divorced. We both have full time jobs. We have decided to become full timers living in a '98 Mallard 37k. It needs a lot of elbow greese and love, but we are excited to start this new life adventure of freedom. We both have traveled our entire lives ( our fathers were both military ), and after failed attempts of living by societies 'white picked fence', we have found ourselves wanting to live for us. We have been livaboarders on a 40' fishing trawler for the past couple of years in KW, FL. We decided to move to the beautiful mountans of NH for a change of scenery. I wanted to introduce myself ( HI!! ) and see if anyone could help with a few questions, or at least point us in the right direction. We need to locate a campground that will actually allow us to be full timers. We would want a yearly or year round lease, as we don't want to be stuck in just one place for too long, but still need the time to be able to repair/remodel our new home. Campground websites state that they are "year-round" with rates and availability posted, but when I call to inquire, they state that we can only be "living" in the camper up to 3 days a week. What?!?! Is there a trick to this? Or am I asking the wrong questions? When we would drive around the campground, it is more than obvious that there ARE people living in their campers for more than 3 days a week. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated. I also have been looking for groups, blogs, etc. to meet others and share tricks & tips and adventure stories ( this one is a great start! ). Any suggestions to where we can find more like-minded people? I also welcome and appreciate any other info that one would think would benefit us. Thank you in advance and I look forward to being a part of this new community.
  9. I don't look this generic in real life. I am at work and don't have any pics to post. I'll do so when I get home. I love to travel, and now that I will be retiring next year, I'm looking forward to being on the road as much as possible. That is where I am happiest. I'm a part time van dweller. I bought a GMC cargo van, designed it with what I had in mind, and found a company to put it together for me. It's a stealth van I named Maxine. I wanted the liberty to go anywhere I wanted; in or out of the city. I like the fact that I can basically pull over anywhere and camp. It's very empowering. From the outside my van looks like a typical work van. It keeps me under the radar. I am seeing somebody, but she's not into my lifestyle so I tend to travel most of the time by myself. I don't mind resorts and such, but they aren't my thing. I would rather be camping in my rig or in a tent than be at a 5 Star Hotel. That's just me. I thought it would be nice to meet some people who understand the lure of the open road and can relate to the lifestyle. I have a ten day trip planned for November up the coast to San Francisco and next year I'm planning a four to six week trip to Baja, which I'm very excited about. I like to learn and grow, and look forward to reading the articles on the site, interacting with people on the forum, and get more involved in the overall organization. Look forward to meeting some of you.
  10. Happy November everyone! We are almost two years into fulltime rving. We started our new life January 2015. I am new to this forum. In fact, this is my very FIRST post! We are Dave & Donna, currently in Northern California. We are sitting low until mid-January when we will head toward Quartzsite for sun, sand, the Big RV show, & hopefully new friends Nice to meet you! P.s. I hope this is the right place to introduce myself!
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